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Moondark (v 1.1)
Picture of Moondark Author : DarkAngel Version : 1.1  
Islands :
Official islands
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Playable as : Infantry (infiltration) Downloads : 1356
Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
  • Moondark2.Sara.pbo
  • EditorUpdate_v102.pbo
Description :
The situation on Sahrani is critical. The Royal Army Corps of Sahrani is facing almost certain annihilation at the hands of the Northern agressors.
Help, however, is on the way. A NATO force is moving to assist the beleagured defenders of South Sahrani.
As an elite US Army Ranger, you will be the spearhead of this force.
During the night of 23 March, you will infiltrate the airfield at Pita and destroy the enemy's SU-25 fighter-bombers, opening the way for our operations on the island.
Stealth and aggression will be key to your success.
Size : 2.39 mb
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