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  ArmA Edit (v 1.3.4000)  
Picture of ArmA Edit Author : Chris Henderson
Version : 1.3.4000 Type : Mission Editing
Size : 1 MB  
Downloads : 10361 Rating : 3.9 / 5 (rated 12 times)

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Description :
This is a FULL COLOR script editor and file creator. It also has built in WIZARDS for quickly and easily creating briefings, overviews, custom units, custom crates, and description files. Plus much, much, more! Check it out! Makes finishing and customizing your ARMA/OFP missions a snap.

* Included File Wizards:
o Briefing Wizard (Creates single and multiplayer mission briefings)
o Overview Wizard (Creates a single player mission overview)
o Custom Unit Wizard (Create any unit load-out you want)
o Crate Builder Wizard (Easily build custom ammo crates)
o Description Wizard (Easily add gear, respawning, sounds, and music)
* Text Editing Features:
o Auto-complete text insertion and word learning.
o Double click word selection.
o Drag and drop text in same window or across multiple documents.
o Advanced text features like increase/decrease indent, make upper/lower case.
o Advanced search. Search for text in the current selection to all project files.
* Project work environment. Keep track of all your current mission files.
* Save, create, and edit text snippets that can be inserted into any document at any time.
* Labels combo makes it easy to find and jump to script labels/classes.
* Toggle between ARMA and OFP weapons and commands.
* Edit data files to add commands, weapons, and ammo manually from within the application.
* Built in HELP for all wizards, OFP files, scripting, and how to get started.
* Install is an official Windows Installer Package. Super-clean uninstall.
* MUCH, MUCH MORE!! Try it out!

Revision History
Update history for ArmA Edit (ARMAEDIT.exe)
* Critical updates

Version 1.3.3000 DATE: 8/31/08

* Removed support for unicode. Causing problems with edit streams Undo/Redo.

Version 1.3.4000 DATE: 11/22/08

* Repaired some issues with the Undo/Redo functions on long files.
- Stopped unneeded scrolling when Undo/Redo is used.
* Fixed the way the view is widened for drawing the left margin.

Version 1.3.2000 DATE: 8/21/08

* Changes made to installer due to dll changes for UNICODE support.
- Uninstall will no longer try to run the app during uninstall to restore any file type changes. This causes problems if the app is deleted before uninstall.
- Project information file will also no longer be removed during uninstall so projects are not lost during future updates.

Version 1.3.1000 DATE: 8/19/08

* Added UNICODE support for international users.
- Added full find/replace menu as a drop down button on the toolbar.
- Added a button to hide the info at the bottom of the find/replace dialog.
* Repaired some issues with the left margin.
* Repaired issue with the case sensitivity when using the single replace button.
* Repaired issuses with the INDEPENDENT sides hidden objectives in multi-sided briefings.
- Added status bar indicator for documents type or extention.
- Added mutiple colors for different file types in the project list and file tabs.
- Synchronized the file tabs order with the files list (alphabetical order).
- Other minor misc. fixes and changes.

Version 1.3.0000 DATE: 8/16/08

- Project bar is now resizable and can go on the left or right of the main window.
- Added "Save All Modified" dialog that saves multiple dirty documents at once
when exiting the application.
- Improved the way the project selection dialog works.

Version 1.2.9900 DATE: 7/28/08

- Project bar controls and script tabs now resize to fit window.
* Repaired search with "Whole Word" option not working correctly.
- Bookmarks are now saved when a document is closed.
- Added a single "Replace" button to the Find/Replace dialog, plus other upgrades.
- Added a find button to the toolbar.
- Added the ability to rename snippets, projects, and project files.

Version 1.2.9500 DATE: 2/24/08

- Added more precise text section in the text editor.
* Fixed error in mutisided mission briefings for ARMA.

Version 1.2.9000 DATE: 1/6/08

* Fixed some errors with the sound classes created by Description Wizard.
- Bookmarks work better when pasting text.
- Maybe fixed rare problem when margins are not widened.
- Other minor misc. fixes and changes.

Version 1.2.8500 DATE: 12/20/07

- Added better integration with my web site when checking for updates and reporting errors
from the help menu selections.
- Other minor misc. fixes and changes.

Version 1.2.8000 DATE: 11/26/07

* Fixed some errors with the Description Wizard.
* Fixed link to COMREF at Also changed individual help for commands due to web changes at
- Added the ability to have multiple paragraphs in briefing plan and notes sections.
- Other minor misc. fixes and changes.

Version 1.2.7500 DATE: 11/07/07

- Slightly enhanced some text editing features.
- Added more sound classes and made a few changes to the Description Wizard.
- Other minor misc. fixes and changes.

Version 1.2.7000 DATE: 10/28/07

- Added advanced find and replace dialog for finding and replacing text in multiple files.
- Added tool for localizing all strings in a project to the string table.
* Fixed drawing and scrolling problem sometimes with undo and redo.
- Other minor misc. fixes and changes.

Version 1.2.6000 DATE: 10/09/07

* Added better support for transferring tabs and spaces (white space) to new lines.
- Added a few options for some advanced editing features.
* All documents are immediately updated with any changes made in the options dialog.
- Other minor misc. fixes and changes.

Version 1.2.5000 DATE: 09/12/07

* Added support for block comments /* */ in function .sqf files.
* Bookmarks now stay with their line better when lines are added or subtracted.
- Documents now always show a full line at the top after scrolling.
* Fixed double click word selection sometimes not selecting word.
- Other minor misc. fixes and changes.

* Critical updates
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