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  VFAI - AI Extension (v 2.6)  
Picture of VFAI - AI Extension Author : VictorFarbau
Version : 2.6 Type : Tuning
Size : 184 KB 7z  
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Description :
Revision 2.6 adds ACE compatibility and improves the control panel and code. I don't use ACE a lot but since so many people do I wanted VFAI to be as compatible as possible. I'd be interested to hear whether anybody finds weird bugs due to VFAI. Please post them in this thread and I'll have a look at it. Needless to say that this VFAI release runs with or without ACE alike.

The addons require "Extended_EventHandlers" © by Solus (included in the archive).

VFAI consists of 3 independent addons

1. VFAI_Equipment enables units to independently equip themselves with weapons and ammo from dead bodys. Further information and details included in the readme file. I advise you to read the readme file - it might explain some behaviour you wonder about. Installation: read the readme file (it is easy).

2. VFAI_Smokeshell will cause units to throw smokeshells whenever they're hit. They will try to throw smoke into the direction of the gunner to block his view. More details in the included readme file. *Installation: read the readme file (it is easy). All units will then be equipped with 1 smokeshell and will know when to use it.
Attention ACE Mod users: ACE uses additional "Hit" event handlers to simulate gunshot wounds. It might interfere when both addons try to process the hit event at the same time. I got stuck only once in a seemingly endless animation loop due to that; but it can happen. If you experience this too often, simply turn off Smokeshell.AI through the control panel or don't install SmokeshellAI.pbo at all.

3. VFAI Control Panel
Using this control panel addon you will be able to switch VFAI addons on and off in the middle of the game. The control panel is moveable (finally) and will indicate which relevant addons are being found (Equipment, Smoke, ACE Mod), hence some options will or will not be selectable.
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