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  SLX Hit Effects (v 1.0)  
Picture of SLX Hit Effects Author : Solus
Version : 1.0 Type : Tuning
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Description :
The old ArmA SLX bullet holes were a client side particle effect with a 3d model that didn't move, to simulate a decal. But since the same bullet hit effect is used when hitting vehicles and buildings there would be floating bullet holes when shooting at a vehicle that moves from the position it was hit in, so they were disabled.

The hit effects that create the bullet hole particles are very accurate, like to the millimeter or sub-millimeter. Since it's a particle effect it can be set to stay for as long as you want, allowing you to make as many as you want. The default time for these ones is 15 seconds but you can depbo it and change the line "lifeTime=15;" to any number you want, then pbo it again. The model is basically the same as the OFP SLX bullet hole model, I think I only changed the texture a little for the ArmA one.

I think the default ArmA bullet hole effects are shaders, and there doesn't seem to be any way to modify them with the regular ArmA content, maybe if someone is interested and skilled enough they can look into the shader files and see if there's something there that can be changed.

Also there may still be the OFP style bullet hole effect in the ArmA engine somewhere but it's not defined in the config anymore, but if there's a way to define the model in the config then that might be a way to make the OFP SLX bullet holes that move with vehicles in ArmA. I think the object class shows up as "#CRATER" when using nearestObject on the hits, so someone could try messing with that if they want to make better bullet holes.

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