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  unBuildArmA (v 1.02b)  
No picture found for this addon. Author : MadDogX
Version : 1.02b Type : Modding
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Description :
unBuildArmA v1.02 beta
by MadDogX


- Kegetys for providing the cPBO and unRap tools
- Sickboy for testing this tool
- BIS for giving us our virtual playground


This tool is provided as-is, free of charge, with no support or guarantee for correct functionality. The author will not take responsibility for any damages or other inconvenience that may be caused by the use, mis-use or non-use of this program in any form. Use it at your own risk!

unBuildArmA is not supported by or affiliated with Bohemia Interactive or any other company.


Copy all files from the ZIP archive into a directory of your choice. Make sure the files cpbo.exe, unRap.exe and rapTypes.txt are in the same directory as unBuildArmA.exe before you begin using this program.


Run unBuildArmA.exe from the command line or by double-clicking on the program icon. The tool will check for registry keys of Armed Assault and the BI tools. If one or both of those keys are not found, you will be asked to input the missing directories manually.

The tool will then begin to unpack PBOs from the ArmA Addons directory, unRap rapified files and copy all valid items into your tools directory, using the correct CA\... structure. Please not that this tool does not copy BIS p3d files, as they are in an unusable format. You will need to download the editable p3d files provided by BIS and copy them into the proper place manually.

1.02 BETA
# Added better directory control for the user
1.01 BETA
# Added exceptions list, to prevent extraction of unneeded PBOs, such as voice.pbo
1.00 BETA
# Initial release version
  June 12th, 2008 - 13:06   Comment (0)  

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