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  Fourth release of A&S ProMode (2010-08-23) Mission release    

kju has informed us about the release of the fourth A&S ProMode pack release adding many fixes and new features.

A major update with many fixes and several new features in.
The release frequency is planned to be way shorter again in the future.

# Added: ability of choppers to lift and transport vehicles and statics weapon.
# Added: ability for Ammo Bearer class to rearm friendly infantry twice per life.
# Added: parameter to disable manual fire.
# Added: parameter to disable auto hover.
# Added: ability to configure number of AI groups and units per group side specific.
# Added: parameter to configure the AI communication (UPSMON - radio use).
# Added: actual date of play to the outro dialog.
# Added: Show timeLeft in the server lobby for the mission.

# Changed: more vehicles to the existing missions.
# Changed: Show spawn menu automatically to JIP players.
# Changed: Improved engineer's vehicle tire replacement feature.
# Changed: Reduce HE rocket count of Assault to one in tiny missions.
# Changed: Give units rifle/hand and smoke grenades again at mission start.
# Changed: Give East Saboteur an AKS-74 Kobra as main weapon.
# Changed: Improve empty/canMove vehicle respawn handling.
# Changed: Move weapon pictures in the respawn dialog to free space for fire team options.
# Changed: Add OA style info text at mission start.
# Changed: Log mission name and game date to rpt.
# Changed: Use Tags for GV, defines and marker names.

# Fixed: oPD causes server to crash when player leave the server after mission end.
# Fixed: Zone size in tiny and large missions faulty.
# Fixed: In TINY missions grenadiers have 8 rifle grenades instead of 2.
# Fixed: Rifle grenade count is buggy.
# Fixed: HALO currently not functional.
# Fixed: Revived unit is spawning in the air (when killed in the air before).
# Fixed: Air units get killed by flying over protected zones.
# Fixed: Custom scoring for healing units is broken.
# Fixed: There is no spawn shield for (server side) AI.
# Fixed: Mission length is also shown in the outro for non early win.

The optional AI mode can be used for enjoyment while waiting for the server
to fill or as training. See the details in the features section of the wiki.

You can review the list of changes in detail.

The A&S ProMode (2010-08-23) pack is available in the filebase.

Leave your feedback in the forum and enjoy!

Source : PvPscene
  August 24th, 2010 - 10:00 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  RUG High Dispersion Addon V.1.4 Beta by Wolfrug Addon release    
Wolfrug has released an updated RUG High Dispersion Addon v.1.4 Beta on the BI Forums.

This addon creates an exact copy of every default hand-held weapon in vanilla Arma 2, except that their"dispersion" config value has been changed. This means the weapon is considerably less accurate, which leads to longer firefights between the AI (and the player, should s/he choose to use a 'HD' weapon).

The inspiration for this comes from the wonderful HD version of all the JAM weapons from old OFP (featured heavily in for instance the Tonal campaign). The soldiers wielding these weapons might represent untrained militias armed with sub-par weaponry.

- fixed a typo for the HD weapon of RUG_HD_Ins_Woodlander3 -> he is now properly armed
- removed scope = entries from the unitscfg.h file -> no more units showing up that shouldn't (for instance bugged Men (RACS) man under Guerilla/HD CDF)
- very slightly increased the dispersion rating
- Tweaked dispersion ratings a bit more
- Added all vehicle weapons (although some still have no dispersion, e.g. missiles)
- Removed added HD units & factions & groups, replaced with Modules (F7) for Men and Vehicles
- (1.13) Readded HD units, but hidden, so as not to clutter the editor - can still be used with createUnit
- (1.13) Added script + modules for "permanent HD" and "permanent regular": these will either assure that a unit's weapons are always HD (if available) or always non-HD. More resource hungry than the standard switch script since it is in a constant loop.
- (1.14) Added compatibility with OA, and split the addon into an A2 and an OA pack, plus a Core pbo to allow for either pure A2, pure OA or CO.

I want to dedicate this addon to Planck, who helped me in the early days with not only config work but also worked as a springboard for ideas. Rest in peace

  August 23rd, 2010 - 09:17 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  ASR Throwable Satchel v1.1 by Robalo_AS Addon release    
Robalo_AS has released an updated ASR Throwable Satchel v1.1 addon on the BI Forums.

This mod allows a demolition expert (usually engineers and special forces) to convert a regular satchel into a throwable one and back.
To convert, you must first select it (cycle weapons until the satchel is selected) then use the scroll menu action.
It can then be thrown over a very short range (max 10m) in the way grenades are used.
You can use it to blow stuff up when you can't get there and set it manually,
or like a last-resort AT weapon, for example to throw demo on top of a tank that's on the other side of the wall, or from a roof.
Use your imagination, be creative Once you throw it, quickly get away and cover yourself from the blast.
For simplicity, the fuse is very short, preset to burn in 10 seconds and it cannot be adjusted.
The explosive properties are unchanged from a regular satchel.

It is heavily recommended that this addon is installed on all machines in a multiplayer game for fairness and stability.

1.1 | 19 AUG 2010
Reduced the maximum range the satchel can be thrown to about 10 meters (was about 25m in v1.0).
After the conversion, the throwable is automatically selected and ready to be thrown.
Also, after you re-convert a throwable satchel to a standard (placeable) one, the primary weapon is automatically selected.

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  GLT FLC (FLIR & Countermeasures) v1.1 Addon release    
Legislator has released an updated GLT FLC (FLIR & Countermeasures) v 1.1 addon on the BI-Forums. This addon adds the FLIR system of Operation Arrowhead to some choppers and tanks of ArmA II. You will need Operation Arrowhead to get this working.

I made this because most of the ArmA II vehicles don't use the new FLIR system by default. Additionally I added countermeasures to the UH-1Y and MV-22. Each config file works separelty from each other so you can decide which vehicle will get the FLIR.
Please be aware that not every vehicle will get FLIR, like T-72, UH-1D and Mi-24D. If someone wants the new FLIR system on those vehicles (or others) he can use this addon as a pattern for it.

Hint: This addon works clientside only. Server admins will have to take care to allow / not allow this addon on PvP servers. It may be considered cheating because some players might get advantages

Addon-Update: Version 1.1 fixes the issue of the UH-1Y having no Hydras anymore

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  Phalanx and Ak-630 CIWS by jackass888 Screenshots    
jackass888 has released a Phalanx and Ak-630 CIWS v 0.3 addon on the BI Forums. Mandobles Mando Missile Arma(MMA) and CBA are needed.

This addon contains Phalanx and Ak-630 CIWS, that shoot down planes, helis and some MMA generated missiles.
Place em on the map together with "Mando gun init" gamelogic(required for effects). For a blufor phalanx write in its init line "this setVariable ["mando_gun_side", west]" . Other sides are east,guer,civ.

Thanks to Scars09 for model changes and supershaders!
Credists and thanks to Mandoble and other contributors of MMA!

Arma 2 1.05+ or CombinedOps


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  [OA]Tier One Operators V3.1 by McNools Addon release    
McNools has released an updated [OA]Tier One Operators V3.1 addon on the BI Forums.

These units are meant to be elite forces often working behind enemy lines, blending in with the people and culture of takistan, they are avaible in both combat outfits with some local clothing and state-of-the-art military equipment, aswell as undercover-versions with civilian clothing and more basic and local weaponry.

I left them generic on purpose so that they can represent any number of elite operators, from Delta Force to maybe even the CIA.

I don't think I'll implement anything new into this now, once I start modding I can't really stop (hardly even for sleeping), so I need to calm down a bit now. I'll try to fix bugs/problems though, but I probably won't implement anything new, atleast nothing big.

Installation instructions etc. are in the readme.

NEW IN 3.1:
- Added ACU Heavy Operators

- Added new headgear:
some of the heavy operators now have MICH2001-helmets with plenty of additions on them.

Minor things:
- All operators can now hide bodies
- Demolition expert can now disable mines

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  GCam version 1.13 by Gigan Addon release    
Gigan has informed us about the release of an updated GCam version 1.13 for OA.

I updated GCam to version 1.13 for OA.

GCam is a free camera addon/script. Offers smooth camera movements,
unit following function, and grasping a battle progress with map and
unit list.

Included addon version.
Changed mouse pointer is not displayed.
Added guided warhead trigger function.
Added accTime change function.
Added player cannot end GCam option.
Corrected some issues.

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  PMC Persistent 1 - 12 player COOP mission released Multiplayer    

Snake Man from PMC has informed us about the release of a PMC Persistent 1 - 12 player COOP mission on the PMC Forums.

PMC Persistent 1 - 12

ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead multiplayer mission for 12 players cooperatively. You play as US Army soldiers fighting against Takistani Army and militia forces in Takistani terrain.

This is very long mission. There is two random objectives created on mission start, these must be completed and 1400 enemy KIA's achieved to complete this mission. There is friendly AI forces and helicopters on the scenario so you are not alone and you must watch your fire to avoid friendly casualties.

Features: Random weather, random objectives, random AI forces.

Credits: Simple Vehicle Respawn Script v1.7 by Tophe of Östgöta Ops [OOPS]. Random weather by Doolitle (? I think).

Bug reports, feature requests, feedback etc, you can post ...
on the PMC Forums..

Source : Snake Man, PMC.
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  Invasion 1944 - I44_TVT_Verloren_1_32 Preview Screenshots    

JdB from the [Invasion 1944] mod sent us the following preview of one of the missions that will be in the port of their D-Day project.

The second preview of one of our multiplayer missions that will be featured in the D-Day project port. This time, the mission is "I44_TVT_Verloren_1_32".

"Verloren" is a 1-32 player Team vs Team mission created by Pac (mission-design and scripting) and SFG (music).

Your objective:

November 1944, A small German squad has broken through enemy lines and destroyed a vital factory, American patrols and checkpoints have been setup around their last know position. German players must escape to nearby exfiltration points manned by friendly units by any means necessary. American players can either secure the checkpoints which act as shared respawn areas, join the search in the surrounding area supported by AI hunter teams, or try and setup an ambush at one or more of the exfiltration points.

More pics on Invasion 1944 site

Source : Invasion 1944
  August 20th, 2010 - 23:54 By Old Bear   Comment (1)  

  Squint - the sqf editor and error-checker Editing    
sbsmac has informed us about the release of Squint - the sqf editor and error-checker on the BI Forums.

Hi guys, I have another tool to announce and one that I hope will make a huge difference to the world of arma scripting! Please feel free to edit the following as you think appropriate. I'll be happy to supply more details if you have questions.

Squint is an editor and static-analyser (error-checker) for ArmA2 and Operation ArrowHead script files. Amongst its features:

* It can work with .sqf, .sqm, .cpp and .ext files
* It can perform syntax colouring of your scripts as you work
* It can analyse your scripts for errors and warn you of them as you work
* It can suggest fixes for common mistakes
* It can work on files inside pbo'd missions or addons
* It can 'expand' included files and macros to help debug preprocessor-related problems

I don't know if you can embed iframes in news articles, but if you can, there are a couple of cool google-presentations I've put together to help explain the product...

The main page for squint is on my homepage:
and as usual there is a BIS forum dedicated to it:
Squint is still in development so I'd love to hear from people who have ideas about how it could be made even better.

Source : macsarmatools
  August 20th, 2010 - 08:56 By Old Bear   Comment (1)  

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