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Ante Portas
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Islands :
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Included missions : N/A Downloads : 1615
Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
N/A None
Description :
Introduction to the campaign can be found here (thematic web).

Basic info:
Required game/version: Arma 2: Combined Operations (or vanilla Arma 2 v1.08)
Required addons: NONE (only official)
Campaign name in the game menu: Ante Portas
Playing region: Utes and whole Chernarus
Main character: Ltn. Alan Beton, USMC
Others: LukᚠOvečka, Karel Mařík, Jefim Sargenovič ... etc.

Complete dubbing with slovak/czech/english subtitles.
Switching between characters according to the current mission story.
Some situations in the missions can be finished by different ways.

Special thanks belong to (mainly for patience):
Martinius, Kuba, Sarge, Terablick, Faly, Hurby, Pochyst, Str

All available download links can be found also on the Ante Portas web page.
Size : 37 MB
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