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  FDF Podagorsk (v 1.1)  
Picture of FDF Podagorsk Author : FDF Mod Version : 1.1
Era : Modern Demo mission : No
Downloads : 5290 Rating : 5 / 5 (rated 5 times)

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Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
  • fdf_isle1_a.pbo
  • fdf_isle1_a_c.pbo
  • fdf_obj_a.pbo
Description :
ArmA II - FDF Podagorsk v1.1

- Working installation of ArmA II: Version 1.1 or higher.

- Extract FDF_Podagorsk_v11.rar to your ArmA 2\Addons directory or use modfolders.

CONTENT OF THE FDF_Podagorsk_v11.rar
- fdf_isle1_a.pbo
- fdf_isle1_a.pbo.FDF.bisign
- fdf_isle1_a_c.pbo
- fdf_isle1_a_c.pbo.FDF.bisign
- fdf_obj_a.pbo
- fdf_obj_a.pbo.FDF.bisign
- Arma II - FDF Podagorsk Readme.txt

ArmA II - FDF Podagorsk features
- New terrain to ArmA II.
- 6 cities/villages
- River.
- Lakes.
- Railroads.
- About 600000 objects.
- Custom ground textures.
- More dispersed and lower grass clutters.


* 1.1
- Bridge leading to hotel works now with AI, also raised up the bridge several meters. (AI driving HMMWV or UAZ don´t seem to cross the bridge for some reason)
- Added few heliports to east base.
- Removed few bushes from roads.
- Removed hovering tree above Kirsanov.
- Removed hole from the swamp.
- Added some invisible roads to runway and changed roughness values.
- Removed cinemaborder from intro.
- Ambient civilian module now works.
- Due several requests i added landmass between airport and main land.


Goeth of FDF mod & FDF core team

Special Thanks


ArmA II - FDF Podagorsk License

To use the FDF Podagorsk you must agree to these conditions.
You are permitted to install and use the FDF Podagorsk for personal entertainment
purposes only. Any military, commercial or educational use is strictly forbidden without permission from the authors.
All material in the FDF Podagorsk is copyrighted,
free redistribution is permitted for the original FDF Podagorsk
package as long as it is kept unmodified and distributed 100% free of any kind of charge.
Distribution of parts of the FDF Podagorsk or the distribution of modifications of the
FDF Podagorsk is forbidden without permission from the authors.

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Size : 166 MB
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