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  [ADO] Vostok Winter (v 1.1)  
Picture of [ADO] Vostok Winter Author : Old Bear Version : 1.1
Era : Modern Demo mission : No
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Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
Description :
[ADO] Vostok Winter by Old Bear
Version : v1.1

[ADO] Vostok Winter is a "Combined Operation" terrain
Release date : August 2011


- Betons addons (v 1.47) :

[ADO] Vostok : the Vostok project is based upon publicly released or unreleased small projects gathered in an archipelago, main items are Pomegratskaya -Winter version released for ArmA2- and Surfong-Ri publicly unreleased and some other items gathered on a 20 km x 20 km map with a lot of water on it.
Unprobable location : North-East of Armaversum, Est of Kolguiev

- Surfon Ostrov in the North-West is hosting the Zvezda soviet secret rocket/missile project, a large air base, an harbour, a small town and some military and scientific facilities.

- Nikto Ostrov is a large forested island mainly used as prison and hosting many camps from the Gulag network, a sawmill and a well known mine ...

- Pomegratskaya in the South East has been for a long era an harbour for the Czar fleet and was heavily fortified as it was on a very disputed border. So the island is still covered with remains of fortifications and military facilities from different eras.

The [ADO] Vostok Winter features winter trees from Beton's addons.
The "Intro" section is featuring National Anthem of the USSR short version, by the Brass Band of the USSR Ministry of Defence, conductor N. Nazarov (1968)
Source : Russian Anthems museum :

v 0.1 to 0.92 beta: Clan ADO private releases
v 0.93 beta : 1st public release.
v 0.94 beta : updated config thanks to kju, AI friendly Vostok airfield.
v 1.0 : v2 sign, 3 digits coordinates system.
v 1.1 : wrong object placements corrected

Kju for his help on config.
Beton for his WW2 bunkers and winter vegetation addons: Betons addons (v 1.47)
Shezan74 for his WorlTools,
Homer Johnston for his Road Painter tool,
Gutm@sher for his help and Warfare port on the map,
All Map-Makers Channel members for their help,
All the Clan [ADO], my game team mates for their help looking for bugs and for their support.
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Size : 28 MB 7z
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