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Here are some various news about the community and our site :

More and more addons are beeing packed with 7zip a similar program like Winrar which is used for most of the addons.
The reason why we also extract Winrar packed addons and repack them with 7zip is that 7zip compresses pbo much better than winrar.
Now we are asking you if this note is still necessary or if we can leave it out in the futur (you can also vote for an alternative (more information can be found in th forum topic).

Please head over to this forum topic and cast your vote.

Our next news is indeed a rather doleful one. Flyer who has been working on our site since years has decided to step down from activ duty.
Thats why we would like to thank him for his service and efforts. Luckily he won't leave the Armed Assault community and we hope that he will return to the site team in the future ;). THANK YOU FLYER !

The European Football Championship 2008 is coming up and we thought an Armed Assault betting group could be funny. Thats why we have opened a betting pool on
Please do only join this group if you are interested in the upcoming football EC as the maxium amount of registered users is limited to 300. (We reserve the right to kick out players who haven't entered their first tips 3 days before the EC) .

If you want to participate register HERE

Furthermore we are proud to present you an Toolbar which can be installed on every common browser. Included in this toolbar are the options to search/browse our website. We have also added a RSS Feed and a chat (which might get removed if it's abused)

If you want to try it out you can install it from HERE

  May 29th, 2008 - 13:21 By Deadeye   Comments (13)  

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