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  SWM standalone Ghillie Sniper Addon Pack updated Addon release    
HDlaeppli has released an updated version of the SWM standalone Ghillie Sniper Addon Pack on the BI Forums.

V1.1 - 25/05/2008 - Second Public Release

Most important changes, bugfixes:
- New Models: US Woodland and US ACU (desert)
- New: div. face mask`s,
- New: the pants are on the boots,
- optimized suite, head, hood and neck part,
- [fixed] some bugs in 3DModel corrected.

- New: div. textures for the gloves
- changed, optimized: Colors for Ghillie Suite`s and Battledress, rvmat`s, nohq`s, _as, _smdi ect.
- [fixed] glowing Hands and Face by Night(NVG).

- changed: config, camouflage value is changed to: = 0.1; (avoid detection by AI)
- changed: name,vehicle class for GB Ghillie Sniper. is now UK Ghillie Sniper
- more different replacement`s

This addon is packed with 7-zip, a packer tool similar to Winrar. You can get it from HERE, but the files can also be extracted with Winrar.

  May 26th, 2008 - 06:01 By Old Bear   Comment (1)  

  Project'85 26/05 WIP Status Screenshots    
Thunderbird84 informed us about the release of new screenshots on the Project85 Mod web site. More pics on the Project'85 MOD Website.

Several modifications have been carried out since the last news, and the MOD is globally taking a nice shape, since a bunch of 3D/2D artists joined us, the Project is steadily progressing.
Here are a couple of screenshots illustrating the current progress:

  May 25th, 2008 - 23:33 By Old Bear   Comments (12)  

  Vilas's 7 updates Addon release    
Vilas has informed us of the released an update for seven, yes 7 Vilas's addon updates on our Forums.

Thanx to new tools i was able to do updates/teasers addons
New weapon pack for mods/addons, new Polish manufactured weapons, new Polish army and Police addon, new bandits addon, teaser of 1985 Polish infantry, P'85 teasers/weapon holders and fictional units thrown away from Project 85 mod now can be released

1) basic weapons addon , used by all infantry addons- 60 MB
2)Polish construction weapons, used by Polish addons - 4,3 MB
3) general update of old VIBI pack, 62 MB, selfstanding
4) weapon holders, P'85 teasers, things not used in P'85 mod, 36 MB
5) Polish infantry from 1985 teaser, 11 MB
6) modern Polish forces and Police addon, 47 MB, not requires VIBI, but in VIBI you can find SKOT, Honker, 2S1 > vehicles also used by Polish army since many years
7) update/rearmed old addon of bandits 4 MB but rearmed with new weapons pack

I hope it all works fine smile.gif
soon I will update my WW2 pack with following:
- weapons made for P85 like PPS43, M3A1 Greasegun, STG-44 and MG42 (but not in version "59"),
- binarised version, faster loading missions with Bisign too smile.gif

Note : vilas_npl, vibi, vilas_pwp files hosted here are updated (25-05-08) versions.

All addons are packed with 7-zip, a packer tool similar to Winrar. You can get it from HERE, but the files can also be extracted with Winrar.

  May 24th, 2008 - 15:16 By Old Bear   Comments (6)  

  I want to believe Screenshots    
Colonel Well is fighting against government conspiracy and despite the risks revealed two screenshots and a video showing a real gray alien to the Sahrani population, in the BI Forums!

  May 24th, 2008 - 09:15 By Cervo   Comments (5)  

  Uhao islands - new screenshots Screenshots    
The Polish addonmaker OFman has posted several impressive work in progress screenshots of his upcoming Uhao islands in the BI Forums! Author wrote that we can expect release of the island during summer holiday.

News submitted by OFman.

  May 23rd, 2008 - 10:24 By Cervo   Comments (18)  

  ArmA 1.14 Linux Dedicated Server Public build 5257 Official    
BI Studio has informed us that they released a new version 1.14 of their Linux Dedicated Server Public build 5257, in the BI Forums.
It requires all data from 1.14 public version.

  May 23rd, 2008 - 09:59 By Cervo   Comment (0)  

  Mr Murray's Editing-Guide SE 102 - English Editing    
Mapfact´s Mr Murray, the author of the Armed Assault Editing Guide for the German “ArmA Special Edition” has released an English version of his great editing guide. This guide contains nearly 170 pages divided in 9 chapters. Additional to that he has finished his next German editing guide named "Deluxe Edition" which contains exactly 335 pages divided into 11 chapters. This big one already includes the complete patch 1.14 content and Queens Gambit. An English version of it is still in progress!

Here and now he wants to say thanks to his translator MemphisBelle and his great reviewing team Metal0130 and Matt Rochelle who have corrected the text. “They all did a very great job for me and for the English speaking ArmA-Community. Honour them all! Very special thanks to MemphisBelle who have spend so much time for this guide!

Here are some exclusive pictures of the forthcoming Deluxe Edition:

  May 23rd, 2008 - 08:18 By Cervo   Comments (3)  

  GDTMod_hotfix_KA50_AT by HeinBloed Addon release    
HeinBloed has released a small hotfix for KA50 AT weapons on the BI Forums.

If you don't like the new KA50 AT Weapon "feature" from ArmA 1.14, you can use this little Addon.
This Addon changes:
KA50 AT Weapon can not lock on an aircraft anymore.
For full functionality this addon must be installed on server and client.

  May 22nd, 2008 - 21:37 By Old Bear   Comments (4)  

  TCP anims replacement pack updated Addon release    
william1 has informed us of the release of an updated version of his replacement pack for TCP anims.

I have updated the TCP animpack replacement. Now it doesn't override any default action (salute or sitting) so is completely compatible with all cut scenes (i was tired of seeing soldiers jumping like horses instead of saluting LOL) . Now the jump action is made via user action in the actions menu. this is a standalone addon and doesn't need the original pbo by Teacup.

  May 22nd, 2008 - 21:14 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  Bohemia Interactive's Editing Tools Suite updated Official    

As soon as was released ArmA 1.14 for Arma, Bohemia Interactive has released an updated Bohemia Interactive's Editing Tools Suite - Personal Edition on the BI Community Wiki.

Complete editing tool suite for Bohemia Interactive's game engine used in ARMA (requires version 1.14) consisting from:

* Oxygen 2 Personal Edition - model editing and animation package
* Visitor 3 Personal Edition - terrain and map editing
* TexView 2 - texture convertor and viewer
* BinPBO Personal Edition - packer
* Sound Tools - sound and lipsync utilities
* BinMake - conversion tool
* Tools Drive - main working directory for tools with mandatory data files

  May 22nd, 2008 - 00:09 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

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