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Seal Team Six Campaign (Lite) (v 1.1)
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Seal Team Six Campaign

"In 1962, President Kennedy, believing that the wars of the future would be low intensity conflicts such as guerrilla wars and acts of terrorism, created an elite special forces unit to meet the enemy on his own turf. Experts in sea-air-land operations, they are known as Navy SEALs."

This Campaign spans ten long missions featuring custom audio mission briefings and weapon selection. You are the leader of Seal team Six tasked with routing out an evil drug fueled insurgency. This campaign is for all you players that wanted more Socom style missions that were lacking in the Vanilla campaign.

Key Features

1. Custom Audio including voice overs and music from some of the greatest action movies made.
2. This campaign is optimized for performance. So if you have a low end rig, this will blow your mind. Ive used scripting techniques that boost performance yet you will still face an overwhelming number of enemies and you will like it.
3. Weapon selection before each mission along with supply locations during. Ive also included the awesome RH Pistol pack by RobertHammer for the classic seal P266.
4. Mission types such as search and destroy, hostage rescue, capturing terrorists at there homes, taking down helicopters and tanks, and a special naval clandestine mission. There's a special homage to all the awesome 80's action movies in the last mission.
5. A bad ass new location with awesome performance thanks to IceBreakr. The beautiful Island of Panthera.
6. Extremely dynamic campaign. Enemy location will very from play to play. I did this so I could play it and not know where to expect the enemy.

This is the first campaign in a series I plan to release to the community. I've started work on the second campaign and it will be available soon. If you guy enjoyed this campaign let me know and I will bring you bigger and better action.

Seal Team Six Campaign V 1.1 Lite

Some people were having conflicts when using FFAA with other mods they had already installed. I've included a lite version without FFAA and Little birds addon.

Size : 21 MB
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