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Dogs Of War (v 1.9)
Picture of Dogs Of War Author : Potatomasher Version : 1.9  
Islands :
  • Official islands
Rating : 1 / 5 (rated 1 time)

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Included missions : N/A Downloads : 1153
Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
  • DogsOfWar_cmp.pbo
Description :
You take the role of different soldiers in USMC in this campaign. Helicopter pilot, Spec Ops unit, tank platoon commander and so on. A kind of like OFP:CWC.
This is a fictional campaign of conflict between insurgents, russia and US in soil of Chernarus.

Extract the pbo to your Arma2/campaigns folder. Create one if it doesn't exist.

Addons needed:
None whatsoever. :) Just plain vanilla Arma2 and your good to go.

- In spec Ops mission change gear in briefing room before starting mission !
- Medic is a bit slow sometimes. Just yell him couple of times more if he doesn't respond and wait some more.
- In Wrath of God mission you can switch to snipers around town and use them.
- Fade to Black has two endings. The other one is harder to achieve and even might be impossible.
Size : 6.7 MB
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