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P I R O G (v 1.1)
Picture of P I R O G Author : Bardosy Version : 1.1  
Islands :
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  • ruscamp.pbo
Description :
After the Cold War, Chernorus betrayed Russia and left her in a very ungreatful way. The Chernorus people never said a single 'Thank You' because Russians lead them out of the dark ages (into the Soviet style communism). After the separation, Russians was busy with their own problems. Chernorus used this time to build up a pro-American economy from their oil reserves and caviar fished from the Black Sea. The USA - of course - supports them much better then Moscow and the Chernorus government - when their economy and Yankee-like army was ready - started a very aggressive and provocative policy towards Russia. They never gave citizenship to the Russian national minority and they declared them to be secondary citizens or slave people. The anti-human attacks against Russians was daily in the Northern part of Chernorus.
President Medwediev started his own 'War on Terror' in Chernorus.

This campaign is focused to the regular infantry combat with armored and air support. This is not a Spec Ops or pilot campaign.

- Weapon selection (if not during the briefing, it possible later from vehicles).
- Not one team against the whole Chinese army style missions.
- Usualy lead one squad, but attack with other squads, but later you can lead multiple squads (High Command)
- Multiple playable roles (you can switch to the squad sniper or AT soldier)
- Not a very deep story with romance, but there are lovable/hateable characters
- Russian side

- If not exists, create a folder in your ArmA 2 folder (eg: C:\Games\ArmA 2) and name it: Campaigns
- Copy the pullercamp.pbo into this campaign folder (eg: C:\Games\ArmA 2\Campaigns)
- Restart ArmA 2

- More language fix


language corrector:

Fero Flex, konrad, Soupdragon, Tonci87, Katrician, Bahger, mathias_eichinger, KisCsirkee, SaOK, Kommiekat

Gracias a Monsada para su script fantastico: UPSMON

Every feedback are welcomed!
Picture of P I R O G Picture of P I R O G Picture of P I R O G Picture of P I R O G
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