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Picture of Action Menu Editor Author : Deadfast
Version : Type : Modding
Size : 926 KB  
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Description :
Action Menu Editor
by Deadfast, original idea and config work by Q [PROPER]

Category: User Interface
MP Compatible? Yes
Signed? Yes, key included

Action Menu Editor is an editor for ArmA's action menu. With a simple graphic user interface (GUI) it should appeal especially to those with lesser technical skills.

The editor allows you to select which of the most common actions (those with a hotkey assignment possibility) will appear in the menu and which will not.

For those aspiring for bigger possibilities a manual edit of the config file itself will give you control over virtually all actions menu entries that ArmA offers.

- Windows 2000 or newer operating system
- ArmA version 1.14 or newer
- Resolution of 640x480 pixels and above
- 4MB of free space

- Simple GUI
- Integrated basic help
- Restore system for the config file
- Simple error reporting system

Source : BIS Forums
Picture of Action Menu Editor
  March 12th, 2009 - 16:29   Comment (0)  

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