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  WIP Video of "Russian Step" Videos    
Grisha has send us a YouTube Video shownig his upcoming Armed Assault Island Russian Step.

News submitted by Grisha.

  June 10th, 2010 - 15:31 By Imutep   Comments (2)  

  FWW2 Mod - video update "Misc features part 2" Videos    
Von Rundstedt from the FWW2 Mod informed us that he released a Part 2 video on the mod it's features.

Its time to give a small video update on mod features.
This feature concentrates on flames of war: Molotov Cocktail and OT-130 flamethrower tank.

There is still various things to address (including the annoying shell reload sound on OT-130) and everything you see is still work in progress.

News submitted by Von Rundstedt.

Source : FWW2 Mod forum
  December 29th, 2009 - 11:01 By Marko112   Comment (0)  

  Island Panthera: Video Videos    
IceBreakr informed us that he has released a video of his Panthera Island.

After 6 hours of recording and mixing IceBreakr has released a presentation video, of Island Panthera for all those who don't have ArmA. Island will be upgraded to ArmA 2 soon after BIS releases official tools. Video is just over 5 minutes long and features a soundtrack of Slovenian punk-rock band Angee with a bit old but excellent track Sunbow.

Source : IceBreakr
  July 11th, 2009 - 10:32 By Marko112   Comments (3)  

  Invasion 1944 - Adjustable tank sights Videos    

The Invasion 1944 team sent us the following message:

Canukausiuka (our coder) has been working on adjustable sights for tanks. Because it takes a lot of time to set this up, the new sights may or may not be in the patch for ArmA1 (if not, it will certainly be in for ArmA2)

Canukausiuka: The video was taken at half of 1024x768, so its a bit blurry. I did hit the targets at 1.0, 1.2, 1.4, 1.6, and 1.8km. Not sure about the 2km target... its just too far to see clear w/ the sights . I still have to add a sound for when you adjust the sights. It would need to be calibrated per-weapon, and the sights have to be carefully made and applied to the model to work quite right. But its a nice system to have, and a big advantage (well, yet another) for the Germans. American sights did not adjust in WWII. However, I plan to set them up in this system as well, because it allows me to be very precise with my sight dimensions (in mils).

News submitted by I44_John.

Source : Invasion 1944
  July 1st, 2009 - 13:37 By Marko112   Comments (7)  

  Ensk War with ACE video Videos    
A new YouTube video by SARMAT studio showing military operations on Ensk and played with ACE Mod has been released on the web site.

  May 6th, 2009 - 05:58 By Old Bear   Comments (4)  

  Ensk Map WIP video released Videos    

Zenger from SARMAT studio has released a YouTube Ensk Map WIP video on the web site.

Studio SARMAT presents news from the island created according to the CIS countries model.
In this stage island has :
- A large city,
- 4 villages, scattered on the island,
- A swamp,
- A lake and a river,
- Chemical plants, construction sites, factory,
- An airport,
- A large harbour

  May 5th, 2009 - 08:55 By Old Bear   Comments (4)  

  Klurs Island from Valhalla Mod Video Videos    
SenChi from The Valhalla Mod released a video showing Dead Plain, a part of Klurs Island on the BI Forums.

Just small video.
Recommended play it in high quality.

  April 17th, 2009 - 19:32 By SaS TrooP   Comments (7)  

  ArmA 2: Preview/Interview translated Videos    
Deadfast has informed us he has again translated a preview in English, today, it's an ArmA2 preview released in November 2008. Nice to have a look at this video and have a hint about what is said ... unless you speak Czech fluently of course, don't forget to enable captions !

I've translated another older ArmA 2 video.
This time it's a preview/interview by originally released on November 27 2008.
The video can be seen on YouTube.

I also created a playlist of all the videos I translated.

  April 4th, 2009 - 22:28 By Old Bear   Comments (2)  

  Portuguese Mod C-130 WIP Video Videos    
Cpt-Fred from the Portuguese Mod posted on BI Forums a video of their C-130 Herkules WIP

Here is the video with Cargo Script by [GIR] abi in the C130. In this movie you can see a C-130 dropping troops and a truck with parachute!

You can load and load the vehicle from the C130 if you are at stop! And you can eject the vehicles or the troops in C130 ( only pilot ) for drop the truck or another vehicle you must open the ramp!

Source : BI Forums Portuguese Mod Topic
  March 21st, 2009 - 11:31 By SaS TrooP   Comment (0)  

  WW2 Frontline addons, Cross of Iron Mod Videos    
Stubblehopper informed us that Sarmat Studios released a short video of the Tiger 1 and Stubblehopper's Waffen SS panzer crew.

Here's a new short video featuring Sarmat Studio's Tiger 1 and Stubblehopper's Waffen SS panzer crew. The crew will be released in a day or two once I finalise the PBO's. The aim here is to start a new mod for Arma2 called "Cross of Iron" dealing exclusively with the Russian front Enjoy! Cheers Stubblehopper

News submitted by stubblehopper

  March 17th, 2009 - 17:47 By Marko112   Comments (5)  

  Mod GIR YouTube Video ! Videos    
Gibbon from the Mod GIR has once again posted new footage of their upcoming addon pack on our Forums. This time it is a short YouTube video showing a Zodiak boarding a CH-47.

Source : Forums
  March 7th, 2009 - 18:22 By Deadeye   Comment (0)  

  WW2 Frontline addons YouTube video Videos    
stubblehopper has sent us a short YouTube video of his upcoming WW2 Frontline addons.

Here's a short vid showing some of the units about to be released in a WW2 Frontline update, very shortly. Its a bit of a teaser, as I'm still working on some items. Unfortunately I can't release all of the items in the vid, as they are straight ports from Operation Flashpoint to Arma. But, it should give you some idea of what I want to achieve in the near future, as I'll be starting a ww2 Russian front mod for Arma 2, just as soon as BIS release the modding tools. If anyone out there wants to help, I'd be glad to hear from them, as making a mod is a lot of hard work. Anyway, enjoy!

News submitted by stubblehopper.

  March 6th, 2009 - 15:10 By Deadeye   Comments (6)  

  ArMaTeC jail WIP video Videos    
ArMaTeC released a short video showing the prison he is working on at

  March 1st, 2009 - 12:29 By Deadeye   Comments (8)  

  Usung Vietnam War Mod WIP information revealed Videos    
Warrior_X from the Usung Vietnam War Mod has posted a new WIP YouTube video showing a firefight on Ngok Tavak island on our Forums.

Well okay small update/show of stuff.

As we are aware that not everybody has a good machine, we made the large island in another smaller version. It concentrates on just the SW part of the Kham Duc main island. The smaller island is called Ngok Tavak. So i recorded a small firefight out there in the jungle. I had a FPS count of around 24 while having 5 squads stealth fighting around me and viewdistance at 600. Why 600 you ask? Well i f#### only can see around 150 in front of me so why the hell have it at 1000 or more.

  February 7th, 2009 - 12:23 By Deadeye   Comment (1)  

  New videos from incoming FFN MOD 0.82 Videos    
TonyRanger has sent us 3 more impressive videos showing the upcoming FFN Mod 0.82 in action.

These videos contain some vehicle AI,which show how a tank cooperates with infantry. The tank will give soldiers close range fire support, destroy enemy covers, such as buildings and walls if someone lets him to know that there are some enemies behind those. The will Tank ride over walls while advancing.At last there is a 10 mins' video showing how mutilpe units fight in a big town.

1.Tank cooperation. with infantry

2.tank destroying a building with enemy inside

3.multiple units fight in town

News submitted by TonyRanger.

  February 1st, 2009 - 11:27 By Deadeye   Comment (0)  

  New videos from incoming FFN MOD 0.82 Videos    
TonyRanger from the FFN Mod has informed us about the release of 2 YouTube videos featuring new AI behaviour in open ground and CQB from the upcoming v0.82, new Mod version.

New AI in close combat

FFN MOD 0.82 have fixed some bugs,and added some new stuffs such as combat voice.It's even contain a litte campagin

the new combat AI have made a totally difference.
<1> AI will keep advancing from cover to cover toward waypoint as quick as possible,so we won't need to worry they break our waypoinr put in mission editor.
<2> AI will keep a "cover formation" when they seek cover,it's a "line" formation with 20M distance between each squad memeber in open ground and 10M distance in close combat.
<3> AI squad have 3 teams in "cover formation",1 fire team and 2 assault teams.squad leader will assign the second and third squad memeber and himself to fire team,the rest of squad to assault team 1 and assault team 2
<4>.fire team will stay foucs on waypoint and cover assault team when them advance.assault team will stay in cover while fire team moving,these teams cover each other in combat.when fire team suppressing enemy,both assault team might try to flank enemy.
<5>.AI automaticly enter nearby building of his "cover formation" position,AI act faster in close combat,which means they'll swich from cover to cover faster at that time.

News submitted by TonyRanger.

  January 27th, 2009 - 15:13 By Old Bear   Comments (2)  

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