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ArmA Dynamic Campaign System (v 0.1)
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ArmA Dynamic Campaign System

by TacRod

Public Beta 0.1
11 Jun 2007

No addons required


TacRod: Concept, scripting
For the OFP version:
Chops: Cutscenes, testing, design input
Sanctuary: Testing, design input, base-generation script
Stegman: Testing
SoW: Saving/Loading scripts
Silola: DAC concepts, some of which I pinched.


ADCS is a set of missions and scripts that generate a dynamic campaign. One of the main aims was to make porting to a new island and using addons as easy as possible. ADCS is easily customised by editing the StartADCS.sqs file found in the Core directory in each mission file. This file covers a wide range of options, from the size, number and type of enemy units to the skill of friendly troops.

ADCS generates randomised friendly and enemy units and tells them to perform actions such as patrolling and attacking. It is even possible that other friendly units may acheive some mission goals without player input.

The ultimate goal of the campaign is to wear down the enemy will before friendly will is depleted. Also, the reputation of the player is tracked. If he fails too many missions or loses too many men, he will lose the campaign.

Basic fire support and helo transport are also included.


To play the campaign, copy the ADCS folder to your "ArmA\Campaigns" directory (you may choose to PBO it first).

To edit the missions, copy the folders under "ADCS\Missions" to your "My Documents\ArmA\missions" folder. See the Editors Guide for more information.


Each mission has a certain condition that must be met to win. For example, rescuing friendly pilots or killing a set number of enemy troops. Once the mission is complete, the player must click on the "END MISSION" radio option. Clicking on this option before the mission has been won will give the player an option to abort the mission.

In some missions it is also possible to lose.

Mission Types

Move to within a short distance of the location marked on the map.

Kill most or all of the enemy troops at the location marked on the map.

Search and Rescue
Move to the area marked on the map and search for the two crewmen. When they are within a short distance, they will join the player's squad. Once they are within a short distance of the base, the mission has been won. However, if both of the pilots are killed, the mission is failed.

Advance to the objective to the north. Most enemy troops must be killed to win.

Search and Destroy
A set number of enemy troops must be killed. Killing a camp object counts as 3 kills.

Design Notes

ADCS is playable "out of the box" with no editing at all. However, it was designed from the beginning to be extremely easy for the end-user to adjust it to their own tastes. With this in mind, I focused on designing the *system* as opposed to the *mission*. Some aspects are pretty bare-bones, this is largely intentional.

I have tried to use natural sounding script and variable names to help people find and edit what they need. As ADCS was started as an OFP project, some archaic code and practices will be present.


You may edit and release ADCS as long as you use a different name and credit me for the the original ADCS. Also, please use different names for saved variables in "Core\Misc\CampaignSaving.sqs" to avoid multiple versions of ADCS overwriting each other's saves.


Converted from OFP version
First release
Size : 363KB
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