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A Bank Robbery (v beta)
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Description :
A BANK ROBBERY (Beta Version)



MP mission for ARMA2OA

6 Swat Vs 6 Robbers

12 players slots


This MP mission is a simulation of intervention
of Swat squad for a bank robbery.
You can be a Swat or Robber to you the choise.
The robbery zone was cordoned from Police,
and civilians were evacuated except for
three employees who have been taken hostage.


-No required addons
-New Swat units (Police Mod by Maxjoiner)
-New Swat Vehicle (Police Mod by Maxjoiner)
-New Robber Units (Gta Mod by Maxjoiner)
-New Robber Vehicle (Gta Mod by Maxjoiner)


Copy the file .pbo in MPmission folder in main ArmA2 folder


The mission's goal is very easy Swat or Robbers,
you have to shoot down all enemies.
if you have been hit you will fall to the ground
without dying, and you can be healed by all members of your faction,
you just get closer to injured.


Credits & Thanks:

All the scripts are by Maxjoiner It's not possible to modify or use
without my permission.
Police Mod & GTA Mod are By Maxjoiner
It's not possible to modify or use
without my permission.
For information contact me on my site:
Size : 1,14 MB
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