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  SPON Core (v 0.5.3)  
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Version : 0.5.3 Era : N/A Type : Misc
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Description :
Core components required by most of the other SPON script packs. Many of the features provided here might be of use in creating your own missions and scripts.

SPON Core debugging log, client-side version


- Standard
* Provides common features used by other SPON components, such as SPON VBIED, SPON Recognise and SPON Map.
* User event handling: Any player or server can broadcast local or global events. Those that have previously registered for the event will have their code run (Used very similarly to standard ArmA events).
* Broadcasting object variables with SPON_publicObjectVariable.
* Key event handling: Allows de-coupled key event handlers to be set up (normally a new key event handler deletes any existing handler).
* Some global variables (read-only) to complement the built-in "isServer".
* SPON_formatTime function is available: Formats an elapsed time, in seconds, as 0:00:00 or 0:00:00.000, which is appropriate for formatting elapsed time ("time" command), but not time of day.

- Optional
* Debug log:
o Makes a permanent record of all debug messages, viewable in a window, thus not cluttering up the chat window with debug messages.
o Allows the client to view all debug messages that have been generated on the client or the server at any time (JIP clients can only see server messages generated after they joined)!
* Automatic monitoring of in-game men and vehicles:
o Lists of player, men and vehicle objects in the mission are kept updated.
o SPON events are published whenever any of these is found on the server for the first time and when a player is first or last found on the server. These events can be used to perform init actions on the objects, without the need of addons (Although init might be slightly delayed after the object has been created).

Known Issues
* Variables updated with SPON_publicObjectVariable are not automatically updated for JIP players (though JIP players will get any new values sent after they have joined).
* Debug message logging on dedicated servers is currently broken.

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Size : 703 KB
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