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En Route (v 3.3)
Picture of En Route Author : Mad_Cheese Version : 3.3  
Islands :
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Playable as : Infantry (Assault) Downloads : 2036
Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
  • SPEnRoute_V3-3.Zargabad.pbo
Description :

by Mad_Cheese

Version 3.0
Type: SP
Island: Zargabad
Time of day: Early morning
Weather: Slightly foggy
Requires: Arma 2 CO


An unexpected situation unfolds as Cpt. W. Sobchak and his convoy make their way to Zargabad Airfield.


- Played as a US-Army mechanized infantry squad
- Weapon selection in Briefing
- AI convoy movement controlled by Unitplay
- Optional Teamswitch/Advanced Heal
- Custom sounds and music
- Simple Battlescreams
- AI support during mission
- A bit of customized AI behaviour
- Destroyed vehicles have custom smoke-model
- 2 Hidden Secondary Tasks
- Squads player will be reinforced if numbers are low
- Relatively performance friendly (for Zargabad Standards) through spawning & deleting of objects

Credits/Resources used in this mission:

- Upsmon script by Monsada & Kronsky
- Music: OST of 300, Jarhead, Full Metal Jacket. Additional music produced by myself, all music edited by myself.
- Soundfiles borrowed from COD and... The Taliban :)
- Airfield Fortification borrowed from "The Battle Of Zargabad" by Saok

Known Issues:

- Intel at Warlord House might have no action menu (very rare & does not affect mission if it happens)
- JTD Fire & Smoke Mod will badly effect mission gameplay
- ACE can have minor effect on mission but is okay to use
Size : 24,5 MB
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