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  How to make Team Switch work (by Wolfrug)  
Hello everyone!

This is a very quick aside, and I hope, seeing as this is more of a "fun fact of editing" than a question or somesuch, that it fits into this forum. I've searched both these forums and the official ones for any thoughts on the subject, which leads me to believe there are none, really.

Basically, here's the problem: When you teamswitch into someone OUTSIDE the player's team, that someone will act as if his movement AI has been entirely disabled: he'll fight back and shoot, even go prone/crouch, but he won't follow any other orders by the team leader. This is why teamswitch hasn't been viable (up to now ^^) for controlling multiple squads. Since I needed this though for a mission I'm making, I decided to find out what was wrong. The matter didn't lie in any stop=true commands or disableAI "Move" or even the .fsm's (as far as I could tell). I still don't know WHERE the problem is, but here are the facts I found:

- If you teamswitch into someone inside your own group, they can be ordered to return to formation/move somewhere else afterwards. If no order is given, they'll remain wherever you placed yourself while controlling that unit.
- If you teamswitch outside your group, that unit will remain in place until you teamswitch into the unit's leader and through him give an order. This leads to:
- If you teamswitch outside your group to another group's leader, that leader will stop and not move again.

The solution was rather frighteningly easy:

selectPlayer (leader OtherGroup); {_x doFollow leader OtherGroup}foreach units OtherGroup; selectPlayer YourMainAvatar

This will, in an instant, make you the leader of the other group, order a silent "return to formation", and then return to yourself. It won't even have time to register on your screen, and everyone in the other group continues merrily on their way.

Example mission attached below (pardon the .rar, you'll just have to live with it ^^):


Wolfrug out.

DOWNLOAD - How to make Team Switch work (Demo Mission) [2 KB]

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