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  Cheetah's Basic tutorial for SQF scripting  
General information (v1.01 - 17th of March):

The goal of this tutorial is to show the potential and basics of SQF. I'll start by describing how to execute SQF scripts, explaining the basic structures and loops used in SQF syntax before proceeding to converting SQS to SQF. Don't expect a thorough tutorial on SQF scripts, if you already master making functions this tutorial may not be written for you. If you already master (to some extend) SQS and want to learn how to use SQF syntax this may be the ideal tutorial to take a step in the good direction.

I'm looking for feedback on this resource, is it any good? What can be improved? More demo material needed in a tutorial? Report it here

DOWNLOAD - Basics of SQF (1.01) [22 KB]

Source : OFPEC
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