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Pathfinder (CWR) (v 1.0)
Picture of Pathfinder (CWR) Author : william1 Version : 1.0 Cold War Rearmed Mod
Islands :
CWR Malden (Included in CWR Demo 0.36
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Playable as : Infantry (Assault) Downloads : 677
Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
  • Pathfinder.ABEL.pbo
Description :
OK, Armstrong. The Soviets have moved a large concentration of tanks into the city of Chapoi, making a direct ground assault too risky. Helicopters could do the job, but the area is defended by a pair of Shilkas. Your task is to eliminate them, wait for the choppers to deal with the tanks, and then move into Chapoi.

The mission begins at 1030 on the outskirts of Sainte Marie.
Neutralize the Shilka stationed in the village.
Clear the village of any remaining Soviet forces.
Proceed to Chapoi, locate the remaining Shilka and eliminate it.
Pull back while the Cobra gunships, designated November, deal with the tanks.
Seize Chapoi.

This is a mission which william1 converted from OFP CWC to ArmA in order to use it with the CWR Mod
Size : 799 KB
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