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  CoC Command Engine X (v 0.86)  
No picture found for this addon. Author : Chain of Command
Version : 0.86 Era : Modern Type : Misc
Size : 3 MB Demo mission : No
Downloads : 1034 Rating : 0 / 5 (rated 1 time)

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Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
  • coc_cex.pbo
  • coc_markers.pbo
  • coc_ns.pbo
Description :
Command Engine X for ArmA (CEX) Public Beta

The Chain of Command is proud to present the public beta release
of the Command Engine for ArmA.


Like its predecessors in OFP, CEX is a script addon that enables players
to control multiple groups. Units are organized in hierarchical command
chains allowing the representation of real life military units such
as platoons, companies or battalions.

CEX functionality can be incorporated into any mission. Mission designers
have full control over the command structures and can freely assign
command capabilities to the players.

CEX is designed to be fully multiplayer compatible. Players can take any
position within the command structure on any side, be it commander-in-chief,
squad leader or private.

CEX commanders control their subordinate units via an intuitive graphical
user interface which borrows elements found in real-time strategy games.
Despite the intention to grant easy access, the underlying system is
intended as a realistic simulation of higher-level combat in ArmA.

The addon contains several fully playable missions as well as templates
for mission designers to base their own missions on.


1) Please remember that this a beta release. CEX has grown into a sizeable
system, so please expect some bugs and glitches.

This is especially true in multiplayer, where CEX has not received full
testing yet. Currently, only the test mission is MP-enabled out of the

2) We will do our best to make future CEX version back-compatible. We can
not guarantee, though, that missions created for the present version will
work without problems with the gold release version. While you are of course
free to create missions now, please be aware of this possible caveat.


- Missions by Snake Man
- Template Missions by jens198
- This package contains
- CoC Extended Marker Addon 1.2 by Leonardus
- Network Services Addon 3.0 by Pennywise


Dslyecxi, Idontno, lwlooz, Pennywise, Walker, and all testers
during the private beta phase.


- BETA 2 (0.86):

Change: CEX addon coc_cex.pbo
Change: CEX_Test_Mission.Sara, old versions of this mission may not be compatible with 0.86
New: Start Menu Option CEX/Admin Tools/Restart Client ... use in MP in case a command transition
was no properly recognized
Fixed: Completed WPs were not deleted at commander machine (MP)
New: Config Setting 'UnitServerUpdateInterval' ... refresh interval in secs of CEX server;
determines unit responsiveness and server load
New: Config Setting 'InterfaceUpdateInterval' ... refresh interval in secs of CEX UI
New: Config Setting 'PlayerChatMessagesEnabled' ... if false, CEX will not ouptut order confirmation
and status report chat messages originating from a player-controlled unit
New: 4th command layer ... it is now possible to represent Battalion/Companies/Platoons/Squads in CEX
New: Config Setting 'UseArmAMap' ... if true, CEX icons will also be displayed on standard ArmA map
Improved: Order reaction speed
Fixed: Infantry sometimes disembarked from an external transport unit when changing behaviour
New: Keyboard shortcuts
F1-F8 -> Toggle select immediate subordinate
~ -> Toggle select all immediate subordinates
Backspace -> Open/close command menu
Page Up/Down -> Navigate command tree vertically
Del/End -> Navigate command tree horizontally
Shift+RMB -> Add WP
Ctrl+RMB -> Move
Ctrl+B -> Behaviour
Ctrl+H -> Halt
CTRL+P -> Proceed
New: GUI message when switching to another unit
Fixed: It was possible to switch to an already dead leader
Fixed: Missing Command Engine option after dying and switching to another leader
New: Config Setting 'ViewFriendlies' ... allows tracking of friendly but non-subordinate units
New: Option 'Remove WPs' in unit context menu
Fixed: Error when reaching 'Converge' waypoint
Improved: Update interval now independent of total number of CEX units
Fixed: CEX callsign was not assigned to group at mission start
New: Config Setting 'Transport' ... mission editor can pre-assign a transport unit
New: Config Setting 'Behaviour' ... mission editor can define initial behaviour state of unit
Change: More frequent casualty reports and feedback messages
Fixed: Non-CEX units could access the CEX interface
Change: Many behaviour modes now use speed mode "FAST"
Fixed: Landing helicopters now stay on ground
New: UI Settings can now be applied on a per-unit basis in the description.ext
Improved: Waypoint transition speed
Fixed: Waypoint lines created by other players were visible in MP
Fixed: Names of leaders commanding a vehicle were not properly handled in description.ext
Fixed: Error when using CTRL+Click to move a unit
Size : 3 MB
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