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  ArmA 2 German version Beta Patch released Official    

Placebo from Bohemia Interactive has informed us about the release of the first Beta patch for ArmA 2, applied on ArmA 2 1.00 it updates it to 1.01.

On our Patch section you will find the full official changelog ... all in German, for this Beta Patch is for the German version ...

  May 29th, 2009 - 22:30 By Old Bear   Comments (19)  

  Invasion 1944 - Experiment Videos    
Marcel from the Invasion 44 Mod has informed us about the release of a YouTube showing port of content from ArmA Inv.44 Mod to ArmA 2

Hey guys,
I just wanted to inform you we've been porting content of the current upcoming Inv44 mod for ArmA, to ArmA II.
As said, this wont mean we won't release for ArmA itself, as we still work hard to make it final we just enjoyed watching our content in Arma II. That said, we couldnt keep it to ourselfs.. enjoy:

I44_John from the Invasion 44 Mod was adding later :

We (Invasion 1944) have some people that got the German release version of ArmA2. So someone decided to put the addons in ArmA2 to see how it would work out. All of the files were put in unedited. There are some issues, like (hidden) selections not working anymore, the ODOL model format may have changed (ODOL models of the soldiers didn't work, only MLODs), some sounds are screwed up, but all in all the straight-forward port seems to have gone through with a minimal amount of problems.
Videos of the experiment can be found on our Youtube channel :
P.S. This doesn't mean we will switch to ArmA2 right now, we are in the process of wrapping up the ArmA release. We just wanted to see/prove how easy it would be to port stuff :)

Source : Invasion 1944
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  ArmA2 : Trailer Videos    
Having played the Morphicon released version, the German web site has published a comprehensive review ... in German, if you haven't such language knowledge, have look at their ArmA 2 trailer ... to have a glimpse of the feelings of the games from an ArmA player point of view.

  May 29th, 2009 - 14:00 By Old Bear   Comments (9)  

  ArmA 2 first beta patch content revealed Community    
Recta DP has released on the BI Forums a changelog of the upcoming Beta patch v1.01 for the German version originally posted on


* AI improvements: collision avoidance, MicroAI communication, suppress fields
* Improved: AI coordination in combat
* Improved: automatic VTOL vectoring.
* Improved STOL takeoff/landing control
* Improved: shot simulation
* Enabled taxiing for Mv22
* Fixed: weapons inside vehicles were sometimes white.
* Fixed: Some crash opportunities
* Fixed: flickering textures sometimes
* Fixed: muzzle flashes and other alpha objects cutting into the water.
* Fixed: long cutscene animations could cause bad LODs/textures.
* Fixed: Terrain LOD causing white dots

* radio chatter improvements
* generic conversations about known targets improved

* music soundtrack added to more places in the campaign
* various improvements in cutscenes
* improved Star Force transport service (player can better command it, occasional problem with Star Force froze on spot fixed)
* on screen notification for each evidence collected added
* various smaller fixes and improvements
* some missing dubbings fixed
* improved cooperative play in the campaign

* Improved sea rendering
* Various smaller fixes and improvements

Sound effects
* effect for player near big explosion (beep in his ears, temporarily deaf)

* improved GPS support (RCtrl + M when GPS is available)
* tasks without map (J key by default)
* list of players without map (P key by default)
* improved rendering of perihperal vision simulation (dots on the screen edge simulating real world field of view)
* leader icon displayed on screen permanently for Regular difficulty
* tasks faded out to be less intrusive in the middle of the screen

* fixed cargo compartments in aircraft (cargo should not switch positions with pilots during flight)
* fixed camera position for BTR and T90 gunner optics views
* fixed view gunner lods for turned-out crew in wheeled vehicles
* improved hand animation for AA laucnhers
* twisted arms for AA missile launchers
* fixed fire geometry of billboards model
* tractor and bus sound changed
* added sign on hotel building
* fixed municipal house ruin
* changed texture on G36, fixed MG36 icon
* fixed gunner animation on BRDM-ATGM
* improved model of AK-107
* improved enviromental reflection map
* improved A10 gun cursor
* fixed T34 icon texture, fixed optics and turret stabilisation definitions and added exhaust smoke

  May 28th, 2009 - 22:49 By Old Bear   Comments (40)  

  ARMA 2 Launch Plans Official    

Marek Spanel, Bohemia Interactive CEO, has released this message on the BI Forums :

After many years of hard work, with recent weeks being really extreme, tomorrow ARMA2 1.00 is shipping in the stores across Germany. Note that German version is in German language only!

Our next plans:

* we plan to release patch 1 for the German version very soon

* in the same time we are also finalizing an updated version of the game that should be the version to be released later next month in other territories (including North America, the official announcements coming soon)

* there is a lot of work ahead to fully support the editing and multiplayer community (full editing tools, command references, dedicated servers) which will keep us busy next few months

Fasten your seat belt, turbulence ahead. Landing on Chernarus imminent for first passengers. Thank you for your support and wish us luck (and I wish you your stay in Chernarus is as pleasant as possible).

  May 28th, 2009 - 22:43 By Old Bear   Comments (3)  

  South Zagoria in HQ Screenshots    
Telejunky has informed us he has released an HQ map of Chernarus/South Zagoria on the web site

Hi there i made a big version of The South Zagoria/Chernarus map

  May 26th, 2009 - 22:18 By Old Bear   Comments (5)  

  Map of Chernarus Official    

An interactive map of Chernarus has been released on the official ArmA2 web site. You can have a global view on the 1/100 000 map, on click you can get a 1/25 000 map with much details. On some areas, the pointer will open a window showing a pic of the zone and a "learn more" link will get you to previous released infos on various part of the country.

  May 26th, 2009 - 21:58 By Old Bear   Comments (2)  

  London 505Games Press Event report by Rock-RKSL on Armaholic Community    

Foxhound from Armaholic has released a thrilling report by Rock-RKSL about the London 505Games Press Event. The full article need to be read and read again on the Armaholic web site.
Here are some extracts :

System specifications:
For anyone worried about having to upgrade for ArmA2 my best advice is to wait and see. If you have a dual core processor already lowering some of the game settings to "normal" or "low" is likely to give you an extra boost in performance even if you don't have a cutting edge PC.
The Changes: What's new?
The game engine
The biggest change is the engine optimisation. It isn't something that hits you immediately but its something you come to realise. In Armed Assault the object density was quite low to maintain performance. In ArmA 2 there is just so much more going on around you that you have to spend a moment to wonder if the PC you are playing on isn't hooked up to a server farm in the next room.
OK, so its not mind blowing ultra realistic graphics but the sheer number of moving grass objects, trees and detailed shaded/rendered objects is very impressive and while the demo PC was a good spec I was very impressed to see the engine could handle it easily.
Command System

Following on from the interface changes, you now have the ability to control large groups of AI. The method we were shown was frankly one of the most impressive parts of the demo and there were lots of "WOW" moments.
Capability: Game Logic Modules
This was another "WOW" moment. There has been much forum chatter about the screenshots showing AI dragging or carrying injured people from the battle field. All this capability is down to a library of Game Logics, each performing a set function. It was very briefly demonstrated but the pace of the demo didn't really allow for too many questions at that point. But the idea is to place the appropriate game logic, then link unit to the game logic. The AI will perform that action coded to the game logic
AI: Artificial idiocy or Intelligence
I suppose this is the most hotly anticipated area for a lot of people. Has it improved? Well I have to say "Yes!". How much has it improved is really hard to see without some serious testing.
The Editor
I'll cut to the chase here. There is no VBS2 style real time editor that I found and believe me we poked around all the settings and options a lot.
Again this is another area that made me smile and pay closer attention to what was said. Many people criticised Armed Assault campaign and SP playability. From what I heard and saw I really don't think that's going to be the case here.
There's a lot of good, not much bad and no really ugly.
There are a lot of impressive features in this game. Huge amounts of subtle detail really, I'm usually fairly cynical about marketing claims but ArmA2 is the first game in a long time that has actually made me say "wow" out loud and in public!

  May 25th, 2009 - 06:54 By Old Bear   Comments (17)  

  From the London Press Event Screenshots    
As we, at Armed can't attend to the ArmA 2 Press Event in London we will try to give you a glimpse at what happened, was shown and said on this event.

First of all, have a look at Questions and Answers on Twitter @ ArmA2PC. There are many questions and answers, here is just an example of what you can read :

Can you confirm the presence of the "helicopter carrier"? Is this a "static vehicle" or it moves,uses some "weapons" for support ?
It's a static vehicle
Will there be different reload animations for each weapons or are they all the same like in ArmA1?
There are a number of different reload animations for different weapons including anims for mounted weapons being reloaded
How is suppressive fire implemented? Does the AI use it against you?
AI use supressive fire against you and other AI. It effects things like aim (weapon sway etc).
Is the reviving & healing restricted to medics?
Non medics can provide basic first aid and can also carry injured comrades from the battlefield to safty.
Will there be a demo before release?
We will hit GM next week, plan is to release demo before launch.

Read the full ArmA2 Press Event Twitter Questions & Answers review on @ArmA2PC

Jason from TacticalGamer has released a report on the London Press Event on the TacticalGamer Forums, here some extracts :

First impressions:

We jump into a mission scenario and I can instantly see the graphical improvements. The detail of every object is much higher compared to Arma 1 and the new hemispherical lighting system makes for a very real and enticing environment.

Anyone watching cannot help but become instantly immersed in the vast landscape and then wonder at the infinite possibilities available before us with the mission editor alone.

But before I get carried away with my own imagination, lets see what Bohemia Interactive have come up with to entertain us.

So we have arrived in Chernarus as marines to provide a peacekeeping force amongst the civil unrest with multiple factions fighting for power and territory. The campaign begins on an aircraft carrier just off shore of Chernarus. As a member of Razor team, a rapid reaction forces team we are deployed to take control of the situation.

This is where I can see the appeal of the campaign is far greater than Arma 1, which had a linear approach with main and secondary target in phases one after the other. The campaign in Arma 2 is much more organic and has many variables that affect the outcome of your success and failure. You will have multiple options to choose from at each step of the way. How you collect information from local civilians and friendly faction members will be vital. All conversations and key information is stored in a handy diary log for you to refer to when planning your next move. The new dynamic conversation system with other people opens up a new dynamic of adventure. Upset them and they may be hostile towards you, be helpful and they will help you.

Read the full ArmA2 Press Event review on TacticalGamer Forums

Jason has also released some very low quality videos from a mobile, now on YouTube, here is one of them :

  May 21st, 2009 - 20:58 By Old Bear   Comments (14)  

  ARMA II Tweets in London ! Screenshots    
Dan from send us news about the launch of the ArmA 2 Twitter page.

ARMA II showcase to receive live Twitter updates

Milton Keynes, 19th May 2009 – 505 Games and Bohemia Interactive have ensured that all ArmA II fans awaiting updates on the game won’t miss a thing from the upcoming UK showcase and demonstration sessions in London by setting up a dedicated Twitter feed for the event. As one of the first gaming companies to use Twitter in this way, 505 Games has invited members of the ArmA II online fansite community to the press day on Wednesday 20th May, where they will be able to share new information with their fellow fans via Twitter as they are announced on @ArmA2PC.

“The ArmA series quite simply would not be what it is without the passion and commitment that our community so clearly shows,” commented Mark Allen, European Consumer Communications Manager for 505 Games. “Communicating directly with the ArmA fans has always been high on our agenda and we’re glad to be able to utilise new forums, such as Twitter, to help us communicate to our base.”

In addition to tracking developments as they happen, followers of the ArmA II Twitter feed will be able to post their own questions to the development team during the press day. These will be shared online and will be searchable using the tag #ArmA2Event. Fans of the game will do well to keep a close eye on the feed after the event and in the weeks leading up to release, as new information will be regularly posted there first, along with special competitions and the feed will act as a hub for the dedicated ArmA community.

As ever, Bohemia Interactive rely on player feedback, and the Twitter feed will act as a vital source for recommendations, impressions and reviews from the community after the game has launched.


ArmA II will release for PC on 19th June.

Ask your own questions to the development team during the press day on Twitter !

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