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  AMS-Camscripting Tutorial 0.9  
MS Camscripting Tutorial

“Introduction and explanation of camera scripting in Armed Assault“[/b]

Author: Imutep
Version: 0.96
Date: 09. Mai 2008
Website: Assault Mission Studio

I'm proud to present you one of my ArmA-editing tutorials, the AMS_Camscripting_Tutorial_V0.9 in english and german language. Me and Tom, who helps me to translate it to english, hopes, that with this tutorial the beginners have a realy illustrated and good understanding help to make intros, outros or any cutscenes for her missions.

In this tutorial our focus is on the possibilites of Armed Assault itself, without going into greater detail of the endless scripting features, which can be written outside of Armed Assault. You can write a complete book, if one tries to cover all the scripting possibilies. All examples are explained in detail and with a lot of example illustraitons, to make sure this tutorial will serve as an usefull reference for beginners. :)
I will also cover some examples, how to attach the camera on a driving vehicle or aircraft, to realize a tracking shot. I will also cover the possibilty of text fade-ins, as well as the embedding of songs in a sequenz.

Stoned Boy

Thx for Translation:
Tom Trottel

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