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  A.C.E Mod  
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Description : The A.C.E. Mod is primarily intended as Enhancement and Extension of the game, it is a full conversion mod and it builds on it's predecessor; WGL Mod (OFP).
We had to make many different choices, and we've tried to make the best choices / balance between Realism and Gameplay.

The mod is intended to be fully MP Compatible, and builds on the most commonly used frameworks, like XEH and S_Hole Display Eventhandler, to be as compatible as possible with other Mods and Addons.
Files released so far :
Addons : - A.C.E. Advanced Combat Environment Mod (v 1.01)
- ACE ArmA Mod (v 1.02update)
- ACE ArmA Mod (v 1.02 full)
- ACE ArmA Mod (patch3) (v 1.03)
- ACE ArmA Mod (update 4) (v 1.04)
- ACE ArmA Mod Full (v 1.05)
- ACE ArmA Mod patch 5 updater (v 1.05)
- ACE Arma Mod patch6/hotfix (v 1.06)
- ACE ArmA Mod (update) (v 1.07)
- ACE ArmA Mod (full) (v 1.07)
- ACE ArmA Mod v1.08 (v update)
- ACE ArmA Mod v1.08 (v full)
- ACE ArmA Mod (patch9) (v 1.09)
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MP missions : None  
Campaigns : None  
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