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  Littlebird Extension (v Alpha)  
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Version : Alpha Era : Modern Type :
Size : 4 KB Demo mission : No
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Description :
This mod adds 4 extra little bird skins that are in the alpha files but are not in the editor. It just just a basic config, i haven't done any texture work they are all Bi's. I would assume that the colorful skins are awaiting the civilian mh9 without skids, but it doesn't look to bad with them, and the black one looks good too.

variety is the spice of life

Found under the faction BLUFOR in the editor.
MH9 Black
MH9 Red Stripe
Mh9 Blue Stripe
Ah9 Black

Ka60 Blue Stripe

signed for MP use, if any. Key included.
Size : 4 KB
  March 7th, 2013 - 16:20   Comment (0)  

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