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Description :
Name: FA_stance
Version: 0.9 (initial release)
Authors: Head and harakka

This clientside addon adds a UI component showing the player's current stance.

The stance is displayed in the bottom left corner and it consists of a human
silhouette and a modifier arrow. If the player is standing in the highest
stance the component displays an upright silhouette with an up arrow, and if
the player is crouched and sidestepping left it'll show a crouched silhouette
with a left arrow.

Arma 3
Arma 3 version of CBA,

Copy the @FA_stance directory to either your game installation directory, or
Arma 3 Alpha directory in your My Documents folder. Activate via ingame
extensions menu.
Alternatively follow these instructions, substituting Arma 2 for Arma 3:
Or use whatever installation method and launcher that works for you.

0.9: Initial release.

The Software is distributed without any warranty; without even the implied
warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The Software
is not an official addon or tool. Use of the Software (in whole or in part) is
entirely at your own risk.
Size : 16 KB
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