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  Dynamic Zombie Sandbox (v 0.2)  
No picture found for this addon. Author : Craig_VG
Version : 0.2 Era : Modern Type :
Size : 4.1 MB Demo mission : No
Downloads : 1037 No rating for this addon.

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Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
N/A None
Description :
After over a year of development over multiple platforms, DZS is ready to be released for ArmA 3. This new engine brings plenty of new features to spice up the zombie experience. First and foremost is rag doll. Now mundane things like hitting zombies with your vehicle become far more satisfying. Physics also brings the potential for excellent new gameplay possibilites.
DZS has mostly remained the same for this version, but some features may not work since this is a whole new iteration of the game. The ArmA 3 version of DZS was taken directly from the latest beta of ArmA 2 CO DZS.

Obviously this is an alpha version of the game, but this is also an alpha version of the mission. Version .01. Expect tons of bugs. This is a stripped down version of DZS, more to come. But this is the best I could do in one day.

Some things that do not work:
Vehicles do not spawn
No weapons found on map

DZS v. 0.2 for A3:

-Included plentiful ammobox spawns near where the player starts. NOTE: You may have to search for them!
-Made steps to counteract the “Swimming on respawn” issues.
-Zombies no longer stop spawning permanently, they will begin again over time.
-Did a lot of testing regarding vehicles

Vehicles are still out as of now. After you load in after the mission spawns vehicles, there is massive lag for a long time. Disabling simulation helps a little, but isn’t a final solution. I’m currently writing a more efficient method of vehicle spawning, which will be released tomorrow (March 9)
Size : 4.1 MB
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