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  PMC Rattler v1.1 released Addon release    
Snake Man has informed us about the release of the PMC Rattler v1.1 island on our Forums.

PMC has released "PMC Rattler v1.1" for ArmA!

This is OFP port from the legendary PMC made 25km pure desert terrain. Terrain features include airbase, airstrip, several oilfields, army bases, harbors and war torn ruined cities.

This new version includes satellite texture / mask and ground clutter.

- Online manual,

- PMC forum official release topic

Source : Snake Man, PMC.
  September 26th, 2009 - 15:01 By Old Bear   Comments (2)  

  PMC Apache v1.3 for ArmA released Addon release    
Snake Man from PMC has informed us about the release of the 1.3 version of their PMC Apache for ArmA on our Forums.

PMC has released "PMC Apache" v1.3 for ArmA!

Its an AH-64 Apache gunship helicopter, ported from OFP. This addon's purpose is to have simple, working and high performance apache for ArmA. It includes merged textures, normal / specular maps and damage textures. It has properly modeled low resolution LOD to guarantee high performance even on heavy use.

Three versions are included; multi role, close support and ground suppression.

This new version has tweaked weapons, config, normal / specular maps and bit more detail added to the model (very little).

Online manual,
PMC forum official release topic:

Hope you find this news worthy :)

Source : Snake Man, PMC.
  September 23rd, 2009 - 08:53 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  PMC AGS Port v1.2 has been released! Addon release    
Snake Man from PMC has informed us about the release of the 0.7 version of their PMC AGS Port v1.2 for ArmA on our Forums.

PMC has released "PMC AGS Port v1.2" for ArmA!

This is AGS Port / Harbor Pack addon from OFP, now ported to work in ArmA. These models can be used from mission editor, or placed in WRP terrains directly.

This new release has all shiny textures removed and window reflections adjusted where applicable.

No addons required.

Online manual,
PMC homepage,
PMC forum,
PMC forum official release topic,
PMC Editing Wiki

Source : Snake Man, PMC.
  September 22nd, 2009 - 08:32 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  Invasion 1944 - D-Day v.1.1 RELEASE Addon release    

I44_John from the Invasion 1944 Mod has informed us about their last ArmA project "Invasion 1944: D-Day" release.

The first and final "patch" for our ArmA1 project "Invasion 1944: D-Day" has been released. This is actually a re-release, because so many files were changed that we decided to include all files, so you don't have to download outdated things that are in 1.0 as well as the new versions in 1.1, but can download it all in one go (493MB instead of more than 1.100MB). Remove the previous version (v.1.0) completely first, and then unzip the contents of the 1.1 archive to your ArmA1 folder (complete instructions are in the included DOCUMENTS/readme.rtf file).

No more work will be carried out on ArmA1. We will now focus fully on ArmA2.

We did a lot of testing for multiplayer compatibility with the help of the Silent Warriors squad. The mod should now work better in multiplayer (as well as single player obviously). A lot of minor tweaks aren't mentioned in the changelog, but the most prominent ones are.


- Bikeys;
- Sherman Firefly (to balance the advantage of the German armour especially for MP use in games with fewer players (real-life 4:1 ratio not attainable)), M5A1 Stuart;
- US tank crew;
- Calibrated sights on all Allied tank, as well as on the German tanks;
- Resupply vehicles (ammo, fuel and repair) for the US side, German ones as well although it uses the standard Opel Blitz without canopy, visually different ones will be added in ArmA2;
- Ammoboxes;
- Main menu cutscene for the Omaha "island";
- Multiplayer missions I44_COOP_Aloft_1-16, I44_COOP_Battery_1-16 and I44_COOP_Invasion_1-32;
- Tank shell ballistics coding;
- C-47 from OFP, unoptimized, but should be ok for missions;
- Added some LODs to various items.

- Put in the right (newest) omahapbo and campaignpbo, 1.0 release contained older versions;
- Screaming and bleeding out was accidentally disabled in the first release;
- Mounted MG have zero dispersion;
- Tiger's Radio Operator MG realigned;
- Sight script error fixed;
- Parachute ground object fixed;
- M3 Halftrack didn't work for some people;
- Other misc. fixes.

- Wounded scripts to help MP missions;
- Improved first campaign mission;
- Dropping of PzF30 removed, coding was identical to other PzF, but only PzF30 caused crashes;
- Bullet impacts on dirt toned down (harder to see at distance now, before it was too bright);
- Removed the M1919 tripod from ammo boxes;
- Removed "back seat" from FlaK38;
- Other misc. changes.

News submitted by I44_John.

Source : Invasion 1944
  September 20th, 2009 - 15:58 By Old Bear   Comments (10)  

  PMC AGS Industrial and Buildings v1.2 released Addon release    
Snake Man has informed us about the release of "PMC AGS Industrial v1.2" and "PMC AGS Building v1.2" by PMC on our Forums.

This is AGS Industrial Pack addon from OFP, now ported to work in ArmA.

This is AGS Buildings Pack addon from OFP, now ported to work in ArmA.

These models can be used from mission editor, or placed in WRP terrains directly.

This new release has all shiny textures removed and window reflections adjusted where applicable.

No addons required.

Source : Snake Man, PMC.
  September 18th, 2009 - 21:57 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  Merc Pack v 1.3 released Addon release    
EMERY has informed us about the release of an updated Merc Pack v 1.3.

I have just done some quick fix of the p3d's from the merc pack and released it should load quicker and run a bit smoother

  September 15th, 2009 - 09:44 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  M40A3 released Addon release    
Christian.1987 released a desert version for ArmA of his M40A3 sniper rifle on the BI Forums.

First Beta Release.

I Work Hard to a Final Version.

Status: 40 % Final.

-M40A3 with Acog.

Please follow the instructions to Readme !

  August 31st, 2009 - 10:59 By Marko112   Comment (0)  

  Sbrodjistan and Pomegratskaya Islands by Old Bear Addon release    
Old Bear, our Site Team mate and Armed Co-Admin, has released his Sbrodjistan and Pomegratskaya Islands on our Forums. Queen's Gambit needed. Server key to be found in the Clan ADO units archive or here.

Sbrodjistan is a 10kmx10km desert map, built on purpose with few items in order to be playable on middle/low end PC. There are 2 towns, a large ruined town, 2 airbases, a lot of hamlets and some oasis.
Sbrodjistan was build with Warefare in mind but has never been tested with a Warefare for it was released in June, just as ArmA2 was released.
Sbrodjistan needs Queens Gambit because it was done for the Clan ADO, my game team, always playing with QG.

Some facts about the Pomegratskaya project.
It's based upon my my 1st map "Pomegrat"
But this one is a Norther European version covered with forest.

Needed addons :
Queens Gambit (v 1.0)

Needed addons :
Queens Gambit (v 1.0)

  August 31st, 2009 - 09:24 By Marko112   Comments (2)  

  WW2 TankPack by FF Studio released Addon release    
[FF]Faust from the FF Studio released their WW2 TankPack on the BI Forums.

- FFS_PzIII (desert)
- FFS_CrusaderMkII
- FFS_CrusaderMkII (desert)

  August 20th, 2009 - 12:16 By Marko112   Comments (9)  

  PMC 51km Desert terrain released! Addon release    
Snake Man from PMC Tactical informed us that he has released his PMC 51km Desert terrain for ArmA!

This is 51km x 51km desert terrain with war torn cities and villages. There is also few modern (intact) cities, three airbases, six oilfields, five harbors, dirt road network and two lane highway.

This is the first release of this terrain.

Online manual:

PMC homepage:

PMC forum:

PMC forum official release topic:

PMC Editing Wiki:

News submitted by Snake Man.

Source : Snake Man, PMC.
  August 11th, 2009 - 15:02 By Marko112   Comments (3)  

  CSLA3 Phase1 Patch 1.02 to 1.03 released Addon release    
EMERY informed the community that CSLA 3 MOD released a new patch version v1.03 on their site.

- added 3 versions of MiG-29A "Fulcrum"
- added 3 versions of Mi-24 "Hind" (1x D, 2x V, random jaws displayed)
- added small rowboat
- added new objects (fake MHQ, Medical heliport) - not only for WF
- improved stability on dedicated server
- many tweaks in CFG and scripts
- AI units are more sensitive now
- added 2 new SP missions (Riders On The Storm, Clear Sky)
- updated MP missions Domination and Warfare to v1.1 Cerberus

Of course you need to have CSLA 3 MOD in v1.02 before patching.

For more and detailed info see attached PDF ReadMe file (ENG/SK/CZ).

Unpack mod to main folder of your Arma installation, keeping the folder structure.
You need patch 1.14 or higher to run the mod properly.

Needed addons :
CSLA3 Phase1 (v 1.02)

Source : BI Forums
  August 11th, 2009 - 14:38 By Marko112   Comment (1)  

  M16a4 Tiger Stripes Addon release    
Chris.87 informed us all that he has released his M16a4 with red and blue tiger stripes on the BI Forums.

So Guys, i publish my project (M16a4´s whit Tiger Stripes) This is a only Beta Version. I Work to a Final Version.


Init: removeallweapons this; this addmagazine "30rnd_556x45_stanag"; this addweapon "C1987_M16a4_red";

Red Stripes:


Blue Stripes:




Have Fun.

  July 21st, 2009 - 11:31 By Marko112   Comments (12)  

  CAT Afghanistan v1.2 port by PMC released Addon release    
Snake Man from PMC has informed us about the release of the CAT Afghanistan v1.2 map ported to ArmA by PMC on our Forums.

This is Afghanistan terrain and objects addon from Operation Flashpoint ported into Armed Assault. Its a advanced port, several modeling errors were fixed, textures merged and models optimized as well as config tweaked. No content have been added (except terrain has no ocean now, ie this is a terrain, not an island) or removed. There are no soldiers or vehicles in this addon.

v1.2 includes long list of fixes, textures are now merged and models optimized for high performance. Most notable v1.1 bug where you could walk through objects have now been (hopefully) fixed.

No addons required.

Source : Snake Man, PMC.
  July 15th, 2009 - 16:19 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  AGS Buildings, Indus. and Harbor Packs ported by PMC Addon release    
Snake Man has informed us on our Forums about PMC AGS Buildings v1.1, PMC AGS Industrial v1.1 and PMC AGS Port v1.1 Packs release. These are AGS Packs addons from OFP, now ported to work in ArmA.

These models can be used from mission editor, or placed in WRP terrains directly.
This new release has all textures merged and section count brought down to 1. These models are now extremely high performance.
No addons required.

PMC homepage:

PMC forum:

Source : Snake Man, PMC.
  July 8th, 2009 - 21:58 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  Island Panthera for ArmA by IceBreakr Addon release    

IceBreakr has released his long awaited Panthera island on the BI Forums.

Name Panthera itself comes from Slovenian history of "black panther" crest and the map itself is based on the real height data of Slovenia's Northwest part in Europe - named Gorenjska Region.


* Gorenjska region is in fact NW part of Slovenia in Europe and of course in RL it isn't an island.

* due to heavy real-life vegetation and gameplay issues author' had to resize a sector of ~40x40 klicks (kilometers) down to 10km x 10km terrain, quite enough for a small infantry operation supported by light armor and choppers. Of course jets and heavy armor can be used too but it requires a lot of skill and tactics in such harsh terrain. Large mountains and deadly valleys can be tough even for the most experienced fighters. Roads are basically only way to travel around, but dense vegetation and many chokepoints can be fatal for a single vehicle or even an armoured convoy. Therefor recommended way of travel is tabbing aka on foot.

* first plan has been to create an entire Slovenia (of course resized to ArmA), but too many details were lost on mountain ranges. Slovenia is very similiar to other European countries with vast forests and rich vegetation.

* real-life counterpart towns in the area had to be resized to small villages, couple of them listed here: Radovljica, Bled, Jesenice, Mojstrana, Kranjska Gora, Kobarid, Tolmin, Bohinjska Bela, etc. Map now features over than 60 settlements/places, of course much smaller than real life counterpart.

* texture is based on 10240x10240 composite of various satellite images and photoshopped in couple of places.

* there are four airports present:
- Lesce (real one is cessna/soaring plane capable, but in-game runway is the sake of gameplay paved and much bigger, so fighters & transport planes can use it)
- Bovec (real one, small for mainly helicopter operations or for very very daring pilots)
- Arnoldstein (fake one, Arnoldstein doesn't have one in RL, but this one has been added for better gameplay and mission makers' ideas coming to life.
- Smugglers (another fake one, this one stands in the desert and locals use it for smuggling operations in and out of the island)

* Almost everything exists in the real World. Desert part on the SE is created from the scratch and therefor fake - Slovenia doesn't have deserts. Reason: better gameplay.

* roads are based on real-life data and cover all sectors of the map.

* first try to explore the island by positioning your squad on Lesce Airport (center East part) and launch vehicle and air patrols from there.

Source :
  July 3rd, 2009 - 18:13 By Old Bear   Comments (3)  

  Hazmat Units released Addon release    
Icewindo released on the BI Forums an alpha/beta of his Hazmat Units, in different camo and loadout.

I had posted these into the WIP thread but made enough progress for a release (imo), but consider this an alpha/beta release as there are still issues, issues I might not be able to solve :p


- Hazmat Type Red with no vest
- Hazmat Type Red with vest
- Hazmat Type ACU Black with vest

Known issues:

- Shadows don't match properly
- O2-pack has no normals
- LODs could be better

  July 3rd, 2009 - 05:39 By Marko112   Comments (2)  

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