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The Sahrani Run (v 1.08)
Picture of The Sahrani Run Author : Starlight Productions Version : 1.08  
Islands :
  • Official islands
Rating : 3.8 / 5 (rated 6 times)

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Description :
The Sahrani Run V1.0 (single player) gives players a chance to try their hand on a stealth mission (sniper with M24) rather than the normal Flashpoint/Armed Assault type mission. You are Major Mark Fullagar, a British special operations officer, brought in to do a very special job for the Western Alliance on the island of Sahrani. The mission is long and involving, featuring a well-developed storyline that includes elements of RPG and Adventure.
Also bear in mind that some decisions you take can affect events later on.

Certain objectives must be achieved in order to complete the mission successfully. Although aggressive play may be useful on certain occasions, stealth is often more appropriate.

Note: Although this mission isn't a Campaign as such, it needs to be run as one, therefore to install it you need to unzip the files into the campaign folder. Ie. drive:\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\Campaigns
Size : 1.38MB
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