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CheckMate Missions
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Playable as : Infantry (Assault)
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Description :

SWAP system will keep the same looking direction for units inside turrets too and, aircrafts will keep the same altitude. For example you will be able to easily have a full control of an Apache helicopter. You will need only to swap to the pilot and move the helicopter to the desired location. Once you meet the enemy swap to the gunner and have fun!

Swap system is an universal solution as it works with infantry and vehicles in addition it adds a new huge number of possibilities to the game because with SWAP system you will be able to do things that you could not do before, for example, you can move your SWAP units as a SWAT team or, you can place AI units wherever you want (Taking cover behind a vehicle, looking through a window, inside a house facing the door...)

To complete the SWAP system I created the ChessMove system. This new system makes easy to move any unit/vehicle of your side. ChessMove system is a simple visual help that will move from individual soldiers to vehicles with two clicks on the map!

So I use these features a mission system where both players have exactly the same conditions and they need to fight to conquest an specific location. It looks like a chess match.

Players have same weapons and vehicles. Their uniforms are similar so I included a modified military symbols feature to help players (This option can be disable) to recognize ally units and vehicles. All vehicles will be shown on RADAR as red icons on both sides so no one has advantage as I pick the right sides and vehicles on purpose. Finally players have the same number and types of ally groups to help them to create different tactics.

In a CheckMate mission only the players make the difference.


1. Your side must stay inside the yellow circle to increase the conquest time for your side.
2. If both sides stay inside the yellow circle no one will increase its conquest time.
3. If you lose all your units the enemy will win the match.

1. You can swap to the units on your action menu.
2. Once you swap units the old unit will remain looking to the same direction and it will keep the same stance.
3. When using vehicles with weapons get the units in the positions with weapons and then swap to the driver/pilot and use the RESET VIEW option to reset the looking direction for the turrets.
4. When using tanks with gunner and commander, BEFORE set the viewing direction for the COMMANDER and then set the viewing direction for the gunner.
5. The current unit is the one highlighted in yellow on the action menu.

You can change the fire mode for the units and team to create coordinated attacks:
1. Set the direction for the units.
2. set the fire mode to hold fire (HOLD FIRE action) for each unit.
3. Use the OPEN FIRE action to start the attack.

You can move every unit on your side by using the map. It is very easy to do it:
1. Click on the unit marker (If there is an alive unit there the unit will be selected. A yellow circle will indicate you that a unit is selected)
2. Click on the destination location (A new marker will be shown temporary to indicate the destination)
(Hide the map if you want to cancel the movement)

You can move units using the map. The ally units are shown as a G1,G2... markers.

1. Dead units/groups will be shown as black markers.
2. All in use vehicles will be shown as red icons on the radar so no one has advantage.
3. May be you will need to move the helicopters slightly away from the base before you can move them using the map.
4. When swapping units maybe the game will need a little amount of time to refresh the actions assigned to the objects around the new unit. You can use this time to move the rest of units using the map.



1. Place the files inside "...\ARMA 2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions" folder.
2. Open the Multiplayer menu.
3. Create a new server (Internet/Lan)
4. Pick the missions from the "Chernarus" and "Takistan" menu.

Please mention me if you use parts of this project.

Thanks for your time

Murcielago (
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