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Description :
Armarize, yet another utility for ArmA2

Armarize, yet another utility for ArmA2

Simplicity matters, that's my idea of an application that will provide its users a fast, straightforward and promising way to get the most out of something. In this case out of the game ArmA2. Armarize is intended to meet this idea so you don't have to worry about how you should set up the game, you'll just play the game! At most all of the complexity which ArmA2 implies will be undertaken by Armarize especially when you want to discover more than the standard game. You can simply enjoy all the great modifications out there with only some clicks! So don't hesitate and be armarized...

Main features:

- Fully featured buddy list with which you can connect with other users of Armarize.
- Powerful serverbrowser for ArmA2, ArmA2: Operation Arrowhead and Take On Helicopters with ping support.
- Synchronisation. Installing and updating ArmA2(OA) as well as ToH modifications through the Six-Rsync-Network.
- Create your own compressed mod archives and store them for later use.
- Fully automatic installation of archived modifications.
- Substantial interface for the modification management.
- User defined profiles with many options to customise the launch of the game.
- Automation of third party applications to be started on game launch.
- Full Steam support for ArmA2, ArmA2: Operation Arrowhead and Take On Helicopters.
- Different languages are supported. (Currently English, German, French and Russian.)

Additional features:

- Gameserver favorites and history.
- Lots of filter options to find specific types of gameservers.
- Colored icons beside every server to indicate the odds to be able to join it.
- Automated activation of server side running modifications when joining.
- Configurable startup parameters for the game.
- An acoustic notification system to inform you about status changes of one or more gameservers.
- Automatable launch of third party applications before launching the game with options like "parameters", "run once", "run as", "process priority" and "start in".
- Configurable delay before game launch when third party applications were started.
- Under Windows Vista and Windows7 the game can be run as administrator or simple desktop user.
- Possibility to set the process priority with which the game should be started.
- Support for different directories where modifications can be managed.
- Managing modifications with actions like "Move", "Copy", "Delete" and "Rename". It is also possible to automatically configure some modifications.
- When synchronizing identical modifications at different locations, only one will be downloaded and every following one gets copies from all already downloaded files.
- Support for splitting an rsync package from the installation directory of a modification.
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