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  PLA Forces (v 1.1)  
Picture of PLA Forces Author : Massi
Version : 1.1 Era : Modern Type : Units
Size : 175 Mo Demo mission : No
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Description :
PLA FORCES for A3 by massi
Version: v 1.1 release: 05/DEC/2015


This addon adds PLA Forces units, weapons and vehicles to Arma3, it is made using retextured uniform and imported gear and weaponsin order to represent the following PLA assets :
- PLA Infantry.
- PLA Special Forces.
- PLA Paratroopers.
- PLA Divers.
- PLA Air: CAS Plane, Mi8, Mi8MTV, KA-60, Mi-48.
- PLA Tracked: BMP-2s, Kamish, A-A Kamish, Sochor, T-100 Tank.
- PLA Wheeled: UAZ un-armed, UAZs Armed, Kamaz trucks, BTR-60.
- PLA Waterborne: SDV, RHIB, Boat.
- PLA Static weapons: ZU-23, Kord, AGS-30, Metis, Strela, D-30, Mortar, SPG-9.
- PLA Weapons: QBZ-95 rifles in standard, CQB, MG, GL, Sniper versions.

I used web sources for them.

- Units are equipped with QBZ-95 rifles included in this pack.
- Units are equipped with custom helmets, backpacks and headgear.
- Paras and Divers units already equipped with parachutes and diver gear respectively.
- Vehicles have custom PLA loadout.
- Units have their own uniforms and gear items.
- There are 2 weapon boxes one contain all weapons ammo and items, the other contains all the uniforms, gears, and helmet stuff, you can place them in missions to quick configure your loadout.
- Wide variety of groups in the editor to cover all tactical aspects.
- Classlist included in folder.
- ACE3/ALIVE compatible.


v 1.1 date 05/DEC/2015
- Fixed: Updated with new armor system for vest and headgear
- added officer uniform
- added 2 new russian backpacks to replace alice pack

v 1.0 date 10/SEP/2015
- First release

Size : 175 Mo
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