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  Chernarus_conflict_A3_ (v 1.1)  
Picture of Chernarus_conflict_A3_ Author : Massi
Version : 1.1 Era : Modern Type : Replacement Mod
Size : 500 Mo Demo mission : No
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Description :
Chernarus Conflict for Arma3

Version: v 1.1 release: 20/DEC/2015

This addon features units and vehicles from fictional Chernarus factions. It adds several camouflage uniforms, custom headgear, ported A2 uniforms, vest, headgear and backpacks in order to represent several fictional Chernarus factions for every sides as it was in Arma 2 like Chernarus Governatives forces, NAPA rebels, Opfor Insurgents plus added FIA and Opfor regular army factions.

v 1.1 date 20/DEC/2015
- Fixed: Updated with new armor system for vest and headgear
- added A2 ported uniforms for Chernarus, NAPA, Insurgents and FIA
- added custom vest, helmets, headgear and backpacks
- updated camouflages
- Moved Chernarus Governatives to Blufor like in Arma2
- Removed UN forces to avoid duplicate with my African Conflict units
- vehicles are now optional, to use them install optional vehicle config as written in install instructions
- Added Urals: covert, open, reammo, repair, ZU23 and BM21
- added HIGH DISPERSION variants to all factions: units are equipped with high dispersion weapons to improve fire-fights duration and give the feeling of low trained units
Picture of Chernarus_conflict_A3_ Picture of Chernarus_conflict_A3_ Picture of Chernarus_conflict_A3_
Size : 500 Mo
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