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  RACS Mirage III (v 8.0)  
Picture of RACS Mirage III Author : Project RACS
Version : 8.0 Era : Modern Type : Aerials
Size : 24 MB 7z Demo mission : No
Downloads : 9613 Rating : 4 / 5 (rated 5 times)

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Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
  • PRACS_Mirage3.pbo
Description :
Mirage III

Original Model by Footmunch and Flashpoint in the Flaklands MOD. Retexture by EddyD. RVMATs and coding by FA Dalai Lamar. Weapons and loadouts by Wld427.


Interceptor-6 Magic AAM
Attack-2 AS30L Missiles and FFAR rockets
Bomber- 6 Mk83 500lb bombs and 14 FFAR rockets
Anti-tank-4 Maverick AT Missiles
MirageIII Pilot

Changes for v8:

Updated removed countermeasures to be compliant with 3rd party flare addons
added Jet pilot. Solved all RPT issues.

Changes for v7:

Updated Mirage III to include XEH compatability, new flares system,
Added Anti tank Version

Changes for v6:

Added Countermeasures
Includes signatures

Changes for v5 :

new Mirage 3 skin by EddyD

Changes for v4 :

*Solved problem of AS30L sometimes shooting itself down
*Updated Flight model by southy
*Added Lethals Aircraft FX modified by Gnat, project RACS, Southy.
Picture of RACS Mirage III
Size : 24 MB 7z
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