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  PRACS Armored Car Pack (v 3.0)  
Picture of PRACS Armored Car Pack Author : Project RACS
Version : 3.0 Era : Modern Type : Vehicles
Size : 24 MB 7z Demo mission : No
Downloads : 6347 Rating : 4.7 / 5 (rated 3 times)

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Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
  • PRACS_CAR.pbo
Description :
Addon : PRACS Armored Car Pack

Content :
Included :
LAV-100 Commando
LAV-150 M242 Bushmaster IFV
LAV-150 AT 90mm Gun
LAV-150 ATP 76mm Gun TOW Missiles
LAV-175 Defender GAU-8 Vulcan Stinger Missiles
LAV-200 105mm Assault Gun
Hilux RACS
Marine and Military Police Versions Included

June 12 2009, Updated Release.... bug and config fixes New versions for Marines
Big thanks to TSCPlage for jumping in and re-working this file.

Installation :
The PBO and Sign files in the archive need to be extracted into your ArmA/Addons folder.
However the mod folder method is the better solution.
Click here to get redirected to a Mod Folder Tutorial

Credits and Thanks :
Thanks to Vilas for the use of his model and original textures.
RACS skin made by EddyD and Config work done by FA Dalai Lamar.
LAV-150 (AT) model originally by Vilas and modifies to add 90mm AT gun by wld427.

Source : BIS Forums
Picture of PRACS Armored Car Pack Picture of PRACS Armored Car Pack
Size : 24 MB 7z
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