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  Project RACS Red Brigade (v 1.0)  
No picture found for this addon. Author : Project RACS
Version : 1.0 Era : Modern Type : Units
Size : 9 MB 7z Demo mission : No
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Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
Description :
Red Brigade- Basic Light Infantrymen

Officer, Rifleman, Medic, Grenadier, Antitank, heavy AntiTank, Anti-Air,
Sniper, Marksman, and Automatic Rifleman, Light machinegunner and Engineer
Similar to above but equipped with eastern bloc weapons
Signature Included

Red brigade

Officer Ak-47 PRACS_RedBrigade_O
Rifleman Ak-47 PRACS_RedBrigade
Light machinegunner RPD PRACS_RedBrigade_LMG
Automatic Rifleman RPK PRACS_RedBrigade_ARM
Medic Ak-47 PRACS_RedBrigade_MED
Engineer Ak-47 PRACS_RedBrigade_ENG
RTO Ak-47 PRACS_RedBrigade_RTO
Machine gunner PKM PRACS_RedBrigade_MG
Anti-Tank Ak-47\RPG PRACS_RedBrigade_AT
Grenadier Ak-47\GP25 PRACS_RedBrigade_GRE
AA Stinger PRACS_RedBrigade_AA
Marksman SAKO Rifle PRACS_RedBrigade_MKS
Sniper M107 Rifle PRACS_RedBrigade_SPR
Heavy AT RPG22 PRACS_RedBrigade_HAT

May 20 2009: Initial Release
Size : 9 MB 7z
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