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Mission type : A&D (N/A - 8) Downloads : 458
Playable as : Infantry (Assault)
Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
N/A None
Description :

Update log:

1. End fixed.
2. Fixed "default damage of helicopters".

Mission type: Coop.
Players: 1-8.
Respawn Type: Base.
Difficulty: HIGH!
Light Conditions: 5 day/2 night options.

Mission1 is a cool mission with 70-100 high skilled enemies where you can use most of the vehicles and items present on Arma 3 Alpha.

This mission is fully working mission to show my latest scripts for Arma. Like always the scripts are cleverly made and they work having a minimal impact in performance. Thanks to this I manage to create a cool challenging mission that is highly re-playable!

Mission summarize:
- Cool challenging mission where you can use most of the Arma 3 Alpha content.
- Smart tiny scripts to make this mission a great experience:
- Random AI unit locations.
- Sector Control game system.
- SaveGear system.
- Smart Marker system.


1. Place "mission1.Stratis.pbo" file inside the "...\Arma 3\MPMissions" folder.
2. Open the game.
4. Press "NEW"
5. Sever configuration:
- NAME: Give a name to your server.
- LAN: Will create a mission on your home/local network. The mission will be not visible on Internet.
- Internet: Will create the mission on Internet so your colleagues and others will be capable to join to the mission.
- MAX. PLAYERS: Set max number of players (8 for this mission)
- PASSWORD: Set a password if you want.
6. Select "Stratis" from map list.
7. Select the "Mission1" from the mission list.
(Recommended difficulty: Veteran)
8. Press "PLAY"
9. Remember that you can change some mission parameters by pressing on the "PARAMETERS" button. You can change:
- Light conditions.
- Increase the number of enemies.
- Enable/disable grass.
- Modify the view distance (Increasing the view distance has an impact on the game performance. I'm sure Bohemia Interactive will fix this soon.) Default value (500m) to make sure that every client will have a fantastic great experience! Good machines will run this mission with 60 FPS stable!
- Enable/disable vest and clothes boxes (This feature has issues on client machines. I'm sure Bohemia Interactive will fix this soon.)
- Enable/disable combat vehicles.

Enjoy the experience!

(If you want to share you experience with other friends the server machine should be the person with better computer and with better broadband connexion)


I also included separate example missions to make easy to people to use the systems:
- Random AI unit locations.
- Sector Control game system.
- SaveGear system.
- Smart Marker system.
(These are mission folders, drop them inside your mission editor folder)


This mission only includes fully working features.

Please feel free to use or modify the codes in this mission!


Thanks for your time

Murcielago (
25 April 2013, Portsmouth, UK.
Size : 60 KB
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