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  F2 (v 2-7-1 )  
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Version : 2-7-1 Type : Modding
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Description :

2-7-1 | 16 FEB 2013
Added Mission Observers component.
Changed default setting for Backpacks mission parameter to "off".
Changed Preplaced Game Logics component: synchronizing medic modules with every single unit is no
longer required.
Changed ACRE Support component: 148s restricted to element leaders.
Changed Casualties Cap component to add more options (by side, by faction).
Fixed incorrect unit names in Takistani Locals platoon.
Fixed incorrect classnames for pilots and crew in CDF platoon.
Fixed F2 Common Local Variables so it no longer includes the F2_Precompile_East and
F2_Precompile_West units used by the CO Folk ARPS Assign Gear Script component.

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- BI Forums (
- Folk ARPS Forums (

Huge thanks to current contributors: Wolfenswan | Head | Kaleovil
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