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  Group Link III v1.3 by SNKMAN released Addon release    
SNKMAN has released an updated -v1.31- version of his Group Link III addon on the BI Forums.

Group Link 3 is a A.I. enhancement AddOn/Mod with different effect features.
The original Group Link script was written by Toadlife this is a heavily modified version
of his script and was tweaked and enhanced particular by KeyCat in OFP times.
Since ArmA i rewrote the complete Group Link 2 to .sqf and optimized many parts with high CPU/Engine load, into functions, all events which are called by the Event Handlers are also rewritten to functions to save CPU/Engine load.

The main/original function of Group Link 3 is to enhance the enemy A.I. that they may will call in reinforcement if they are overmatched by the enemy/target ( Player ).
Group Link 3 is a dynamically A.I. enhancement system, which means, that many values are random and the chance, that the same mission will proceeds/end the same way like it did the last time it was played is very low.

Group Link III v1.3 changes

Example and Feature Missions:In the folder “Example_Missions” you can find 3 totally new Example Missions, showing some of the new features and a new overworked Group Link 3 Core Example mission.

Enhancement and New Features:
- Destruction Detection: This feature let enemy A.I. detect, the destruction and/or explosion of several objects ( Car, Helicopter, Tank, Ship )If enemy A.I. detects a explosion, then they may will walk ( if not in a vehicle ) to the position, where the explosion came from and check the erea for a specific amount of time.Units/Groups in vehicles which discoverd the explosion will drive to the position of the explosion unmount the vehicle check the area for a specific amount of time, remount the vehicle and move their way on to the next waypoint. ( If any ) Many thanks to Legislator, who requested this feature.
- Helicopter Insertion/Extraction:
Helicopters which was already called in as reinforcement and where the crew already is unmounted/ejected will try to get other reinforcement groups faster to the conflict point, by Insertion and Extraction. The Helicopters will fly to groups which do not have a vehicle and which are far away from the conflict point, to pick them up and transport them to the conflict point.
Requested by Lightman, becouse Helicopters did always stand still in the air, after reaching the conflict point. Idea enhanced by =\SNKMAN/=
- Enhanced Markers: Artillery: Added a artillery marker, which can be used to show the artillery vehicle position at the map.
Note: You need to add the Artillery vehicle class name ( “D30”,”M119” ) to the marker list array to enable this feature.
Example: GL3_Public set [23, ["D30"]];
Garrison:Added a Garrison marker, to the Enhanced marker script, to show which units/groups do garrison buildings.
- Suppressed Fire: Enemy ( A.I. ) units/groups, which are under suppressed fire now also do lay down suppressed fire target/player group.
- Take Cover:Made some very very big improvements with the Take Cover script.
Now looks like everything works like it should.
If the group, which is trying to take cover got more then 1 unit, then one unit of the group will stay at his position to give fire cover, while the rest of the group is trying to get to the cover positions.
- House Search: Rrewrote of the House Search feature to cover all avalible buildings in a specific range to the House Searcher.
- Take Captive/Surrender:Reactivation of the Take Captive/Surrender Feature.
Also greatly improvemed and enhanced the Take Captive/Surrender system.
- Human A.I.:
Human A.I. General: The Human A.I. now is split up into 3 part’s.
1. Human A.I. Idle: Static Groups now will randomly sit down, talk to other units of their own group and/or go patroling for some time.
At night thouse groups also will make a fireplace, and sit around it.
Note: A fireplace only will be created by the group, if they are not in close range to a village or town.
2. Human A.I. Garrison: Units/Groups nearby a building and without moving waypoints may will garrison buildings nearby their position for cover.
3. Human A.I. Static Weapon Mount: Units/Groups nearby a empty static weapon
( vehicle ) “D30”,”M119” and so on will mount the weapon ( vehicle )
Since GL3 v.1.3 the Human A.I. features will be called by the Human A.I. core caller script, which do allow to add units/groups to the Human A.I. feature which first had a waypoint but after some time reached the unmount or stop waypoint.
Human A.I. Garrison and Human A.I.Idle is only used by units/groups which do not move.
- Garrison: Enemy A.I. units/Groups nearby a empty building and without moving waypoints may will garrison buildings nearby their position for cover.
- Static Weapon Moun:
Enemy A.I. units/Groups nearby a empty static weapon ( vehicle ) “D30”,”M119” and so on will mount the weapon ( vehicle )
Note: If the static weapon ( vehicle ) is a artillery vehicle, then this vehicle will be added to the GL3 Artillery array and gives enemy A.I. more artillery support.
- Multiple Sides: GL3 do now support multiple Enemy and Friendly sides.
This means missions with EAST vs RESISTANCE and WEST or WEST vs RESISTANCE and EAST are not a problem any longer.
- Spawn Units/Groups: GL3 do now can spawn units/groups.
A example mission in where to see, how to use the spawn feature can be found in
the “Example_Missions” folder.
Note: This feature is beta stage and need to be enhanced and improved in some parts.
Requested by: warpuppy

- Global Variables, to switch the GL3 FX Effects on and off ( True/False )
- Global Variables, to switch distance of the GL3 FX Effects.
This meanes that the GL3 FX ( Explosion FX, Fire FX, Dustwave ) are only used ( Triggered ) when a player is inside this range.
To prevent CPU use due Effects, the player/s can’t see, becouse he/they are too far away from the object which use the FX.
- Global Variables, to change the reinforcement call cycle time. Requested by deslok

- Church Chor volume -20 db.
- Grenade Impact volume: - 20 db.
- Spark Sound volume: -20 db.
- Increase of the Weather Change and interval time.
Weather Interval: From: 300/600 To: 900/1200
Weather Change Time: From 124/124 To 300/600

-Added a rotate effect to explosion debris.
-Added the Public Variable Event Handlers to scripts with a huge “waitUntil” cycle.

-Helicopter Unmount:
Now helicopters will land ( While Unmounting ) more far away from the conflict point, bevore they sometimes did land directly in very close range to the target group.

-Group Link 3 Core Script:
Added a variable, which controles the speed of how fast the selection of the nearest reinforcements group will take. In very big missions with 50 – 80 groups, it may sometimes could happend that Group Link had needed 10 – 20 sec. till it had identified the nearest possible reinforcement group.
In missions with over 30 groups, this variable now will increase the speed of how fast the reinforcement groups are checked and selected.

Enhanced the Human A.I. syntax.
Replaced the left “execVM” with call comiple.
Enhanced and optimized the Marker script.
Rewrote of the Human A.I. Idle feature syntax.
Rewrote of the Church Chor syntax.

Bug Fix:
Fixed a bug in the Rearm and Body Remove script.
Fixed a bug in the Remount Cycle. ( After an alert was cancelled )
Fixed a bug in the player inizialize. ( May this had caused some problems in bigger missions )
Fixed the E.E.H. ( Extendet Event Handlers ) config bug, which had resized the fonts/letters in ArmA and the editor.

Reworked and Overworked Features:
Fixed, Tweaked and overworked 60% of the GL3 features.
Dead Body Detect.
Take Cover.
Group Link 3 Core.
Rewrote of the GL3 vehicle array system:
Now every vehicle of the base class: Car, Air, Tank and Ship are supported by GL3.

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