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  A-4K Skyhawk - NZDF Mod Screenshots    
NZDF CRASH from the NZDF Mod informed us on our forums that they have released several new screenshots of their work in progress A-4K Skyhawk.

Hey all thought i'd share some screenshots of the work we have been doing on the New Zealand Defence Force Mod.
link to the bi forum thread is HERE
Our latest piece is the A-4K Skyhawk which was retired in 2003 but for the purpose of arma we thought we may as well bring the old bird back to do what she does best. Have come across a few difficulties such as mk82 not showing up in ammo count or firing etc so any help would be appreciated to get this bird bombing the crap out of some sla or taleban. A4 originally col. klink's and ported originally to arma by southy and retro-fitted to Kahu designation by me.

  January 29th, 2009 - 10:08 By Marko112   Comments (4)  

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