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  New videos from incoming FFN MOD 0.82 Videos    
TonyRanger from the FFN Mod has informed us about the release of 2 YouTube videos featuring new AI behaviour in open ground and CQB from the upcoming v0.82, new Mod version.

New AI in close combat

FFN MOD 0.82 have fixed some bugs,and added some new stuffs such as combat voice.It's even contain a litte campagin

the new combat AI have made a totally difference.
<1> AI will keep advancing from cover to cover toward waypoint as quick as possible,so we won't need to worry they break our waypoinr put in mission editor.
<2> AI will keep a "cover formation" when they seek cover,it's a "line" formation with 20M distance between each squad memeber in open ground and 10M distance in close combat.
<3> AI squad have 3 teams in "cover formation",1 fire team and 2 assault teams.squad leader will assign the second and third squad memeber and himself to fire team,the rest of squad to assault team 1 and assault team 2
<4>.fire team will stay foucs on waypoint and cover assault team when them advance.assault team will stay in cover while fire team moving,these teams cover each other in combat.when fire team suppressing enemy,both assault team might try to flank enemy.
<5>.AI automaticly enter nearby building of his "cover formation" position,AI act faster in close combat,which means they'll swich from cover to cover faster at that time.

News submitted by TonyRanger.

  January 27th, 2009 - 15:13 By Old Bear   Comments (2)  

  RACS 45th Infantry Air Assault Regiment WIP Screenshots    
NJ91 has posted an WIP update of his work on the RACS 45th Infantry Air Assault Regiment on our Forums

Here is some new pics of the updated desert version of the 45th units, i changed the camo so they fit better in the South Sahrani enviroment. They wear a more DryLand a like camo.

If you want them to have a more desert looking camo please tell me here.

  January 26th, 2009 - 17:51 By Deadeye   Comment (1)  

  Tavor(Tar-21) and Imperial Japanese Army Pack released Addon release    
waterhiro has sent us his latest weapons, the Israeli Tavor Rifle (Tar-21) and the Imperial Japanese Army Pack. Both addons are not fully tested + the Japanese Army pack does also include the M9 sub-machinegun (beside the WW2 weapons/units).

Edit 27_01_09 : Waterhiro has updated his TAR-21 today and send a new "last" version. Downloadable now !

I received many Photos of Tar-21 from Ivan Sark
So I remake a My Tar-21 for Ivan Sark :-)

News submitted by waterhiro.

  January 26th, 2009 - 14:41 By Deadeye   Comments (4)  

  Soft shelters 2 by eddyD Addon release    
EddyD has released a Soft shelters 2, aircraft soft shelters addon, by eddyD and Deanosbeano on the BI Forums.

Hey all
I have make a soft shelters pack with animation doors and open shelters
4 skins: desert,racs,snow and woodland...
have fun
p.s. remove the old soft shelter and place with this pack

  January 26th, 2009 - 03:11 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  Black Death video Videos    
NEO from MOR clan has released his second video for ArmA on his clan website.

So I finished my second video for ArmA. Video is 14 minutes and 36 seconds long and size of the video is 387 MB.
Please write comments, I will make next video and I want know your opinions.

  January 25th, 2009 - 22:30 By Cervo   Comments (16)  

  Vilas - WIP Screenshots    
The hardworking addonmaker Vilas informed us our forums that he has posted two new screenshots of his latest work.

SLA 85 and SLA 99 ;] and vehicles from P85, KRAZ and surprise

  January 24th, 2009 - 20:03 By Marko112   Comments (10)  

  Desert mercenaries pack 0.9 by Schnapdrosel Addon release    
Schnapsdrossel has released his Desert mercenaries pack 0.9 on the BI Forums. He has also released a mercenary faces pack and desert mercenaries replacements.

... Until then, you can download the desert mercs with the old and ugly BIS west’s here:

I recommend to use my updated mercenary face pack with this addon (24 faces in total):
download mercenary faces pack

And here's the replacement for the QG mercs (there are 2 versions with the 2 different snipers to choose from)and the west and independent soldiers ...

  January 24th, 2009 - 16:09 By Old Bear   Comments (4)  

  F-4E Phantom II - 'Wild Weasel' released Addon release    
Southy has released as an addon, a McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom II by Footmunch, converted to Arma featuring a F-4E Phantom II - 'Wild Weasel' on the BI Forums.

addon includes:
- special FX scripts by Lethal/Gnat (modified by me)
- after burner sound (known issue cuts out after 8 secs)
- sonic boom sound > 850 speed
- normal/spec maps
- Camo texture and Grey Texture thanks to eddyD
- animated canopy (glass only hoping to fix in next version)
- multi weapon load outs
- Cluster bomb script care of Franze
- modified flight model
- (modified and fixed sounds by ANZACSAS Steve)
- XEH (extended event handlers compatable)
- Tested and flown in ACE Mod
- F-4E features fully operational gunners position with aiming optics.
- adjusted HUD brightness, should be visable against light backgrounds
- exhaust smoke

  January 24th, 2009 - 12:17 By Old Bear   Comments (4)  

  Project RACS Mirage III and CH-47 updated Screenshots    
wld427 from the Project RACS has informed the community about the release of updated Project RACS Mirage III and CH-47 addons on the BI Forums.

Updated Mirage III to include XEH compatability, new flares system, Added Anti tank Version
Updated CH-47. All RPT errors fixed, XEH compatable, and new rotors based on BIS blackhawk

  January 24th, 2009 - 10:11 By Old Bear   Comment (0)  

  BWMod v0.4 released Addon release    
TeRpEnTiN from the BW Mod has released a v0.4 of the BWMod on the BI Forums

Hey everyone.

After a lot of work we've finished yet another load of addons, this time it's the Wiesel MK20 as well as the UH-1D (transport and SAR variant). Helifreak's Wiesel MK20 should be a nice addition to the Wiesel 2 Ozelot and OPK's UH1D should provide the necessary transport means for our troops which had to move on foot until now.
Also there've been quite a few bugfixes, and the BWMod_UI.pbo is now optional. If you don't like it, just trash it. :)
We'd like to thank Sgt.Ace (Project '85) for adding working instruments to the UH1D and especially RockofSL for allowing us to use his Dynamic Rotor System and helping me implementing it into the UH-1D.

  January 23rd, 2009 - 19:05 By Old Bear   Comments (4)  

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