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  Turkish Union Mod looking for new team mates Community    

TU_Gokhan from the Turkish Union Mod has informed us that they are looking for new team members for their Mod.


In order to accomplish our new goals in the coming term, we are looking for new team mates who speak Turkish. unwrap, texture or model design experience required. Persons possessing them all are rather eligible for sure.

People may visit our Turkish version of our website to display our Turkish ad, here.
If you know Turkish mod makers in the global scene who might be interested in, please invite them to read our ad.
Greetings to the community,

Turkish Union Mod

News submitted by TU_Gokhan.

Source : Turkish Union Mod
  January 2nd, 2009 - 11:04 By Deadeye   Comment (1)  

  Happy New Year ! About our website    
Jennik from Bohemia Interactive Studio has sent us an official New Years Greetings PDF dedicated to the whole community.

Dear friends,
thank you for keeping your site and supporting our games and community. This is an official greeting from Bohemia Interactive: Happy New Year!

The Team also whishes everyone in the Armed Assault Community a Happy New Year ! It was once again a great year for us and we are looking forward to bringing you the latest News about ArmA 2 in 2009. Have fun and don't drink too much !

Your Team

  December 31st, 2008 - 09:47 By Deadeye   Comments (11)  

  USAF F-16 zGuba overhaul Addon release    
The talented zGuba has overworked the RACS F-16 (based on Footmuch's release) and released version 1.06 over at the BI Forums.

Contains EddyD's fixes.

- adjusted proxies
- added fire geometry
- fake sidewinders viewable from inside
- more anims: nose wheel turns, canopy opens, some parts disappear when the plane is killed.

Known bugs:
- self shadows appear in some places.

I have disabled breaths due to the fact they had higher priority than radio protocol. If anybody knows how to fix it, please help.

Still waiting for somebody to do these Mk82s

  December 31st, 2008 - 09:30 By Deadeye   Comments (2)  

  Skysled and Megatruck released Addon release    
Loki released two other Sci-Fi addons in the ArmAholic Forums. You can now also have fun with the Skysled and Megatruck.

The entire purpose of this and the others models that'll be released over the days are from a group of us making tutorials for the community. We claim no ownership.. we claim we did this and have given it freely as an educational tool back to the community.

Needed addons :
SPON Core (v 0.5.3)

Source : Armaholic
  December 31st, 2008 - 09:28 By Deadeye   Comment (0)  

  Partisants replacement addon updated Addon release    
zGuba has released an updated Partisants replacement addon, replacing RACS with guerillas, on the BI Forums.

For those who miss beating resistance in MFCTI:
A replacement for RACS troops models and weapons. As simple as it could be. Contains optional file for using Queens Gambit partisants models instead of these crappy civilians.
I advise using this mod on dedicated servers ;)

Changes in v2.0

- better loadout for RPG grenadier
- support for Rellikki's Guerilla

  December 31st, 2008 - 09:23 By Deadeye   Comment (0)  

  Fokker EV - DVIII released Addon release    
Yaciek informed on BI Forums about his release of Fokker EV - DVIII WWI plane, which has been designed as an opponent to BIS Camel.

I present addon the PKW_Fokker VIII v1.0 aircraft from the First World War. This is my first model airplane so please understand.


I would like also to thank the CSJ and Vilas for the valuable assistance and support for the creation of the addon.

News submitted by SaS TrooP.

Source : BI Forums
  December 31st, 2008 - 09:12 By Deadeye   Comment (0)  

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