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  Su-17M4 and Su-22M4 by Franze Addon release    
Franze has released a Su-17M4 and Su-22M4 "FITTER-K" v 0.1 alpha addon for ARMA2:CO on the BI Forums.

This release is relatively limited; I haven't found the time to convert all of the supporting addons from ArmA1, although some folks have offered help with doing that. I'll convert and release those as time goes on, but for now this initial release contains only the Su-17/22 and the two low-detail supporting aircraft, MiG-23MLD and An-12. I've included some basic missions in the package to at least give a feel for things; lacking a large enough map however, things are limited.

Not much in terms of functionality has changed from the ArmA1 version; the Su-17/22M4 manual still applies except for the supporting units.

So far there are many issues and bugs associated with it, enough that trying to condense them into a 'known issues' list here would take more time than I have. The big ones regard the cockpit and the damage model which have both been significant issues. The gunsight for example is not corrected for head motion and ergo the sight modes are highly inaccurate. Despite these issues, it works and can be used to blow your enemies to their component atoms.

  May 17th, 2011 - 08:57 By Old Bear   Comment (1)  

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