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Last Tango in Bangango (v 1.0)
Picture of Last Tango in Bangango Author : johnnyboy Version : 1.0  
Islands :
Official islands
Rating : 4.3 / 5 (rated 6 times)

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Playable as : Infantry (Assault) Downloads : 2786
Included *.pbo files : Needed addons :
  • Last_Tango_in_Bagango.Sara.pbo
Description :
My new single player mission Last Tango in Bagango has been released and officially reviewed over at OFPEC site:

OFPEC news

Officially reviewed at OFPEC: Score 8 out of 10

Here's some comments from the beta testers:
* "Wonderful intro! I loved it!" - Bardosy

* "very exciting mission: varied with unexpected episodes and action-packed!" - 101

* "da outro is just magnificent!" and "som of da best urban fighting i ever did" - LCD

* "Outro: Even more enjoyable than the intro, with good camera angles and of course a thrilling scene." - Cheetah

* "intro: up there with the best...nice camera work " - Shark Attack

* "great hilarious humor touch, excellent voice acting and scripting, much action" - mathias_eichinger

* "Excellent mission. I enjoyed playing it." - firecontrol

* "The idea of the short and long pants is absolutely brilliant." - Gielovic

* "The outro was very funny. Nice ideas and camera tricks. How did Cojones get on top of the traffic pole?" - Rellikki

* "i about split my pants when i heard the rebels called "Los Pantalones" etc. Hilarious." - LeeHunt

* "Intro: Loved it. Lots of humour and good solid camerawork." - DarkAngel

* "great mission. its quick and has lots of dynamic elements. good voice acting and the humor is what makes this one stand out." - smoke52

Ok, enough shameless self promotion already...:)

Please post any feedback here or over at OFPEC.

Long live Arma, OFP, and ARMA2!

- johnnyboy out

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