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  ArmA Enhancement Addons  
Here is a small list of Addons/Mods and Utility's that can be used to enhance and improve Armed Assault.

Sound Mods :

FFAMM (Fromz's sound mod)
Chammy's Sound Mod
FDF Sound Pack (for 1.09)
VF RealSoundPatch
BPA Realistic Sound Mod
YouTube Based Soundmod
Modern Warfare Mod Sounds
HiFi Sound FX

Effect Addons :

ArmA Effects
MatH Rain
Sky Replacement
Explosion FX
DMHide Beta
Flares countermeasure system
OFPEC Blood Effect
Unique models for different ammo
Fixed Range Nightvision
Hi Res Sky & Infantry Weapons Replacement
MK19 and AGS-30 No Recoil Replacement Packs
Extended Voice Addon
Suppression Script

AI, Environment, Vegetation replacement, realism addons :

VFAI - AI Extension 2.3
FFN Config Replacement
Fromz's Feeling ArmA Melioration Mod (v 1.3P)
Group Link II Plus
Proper Vegetation Replacement Mod
Suppression Script (Addon version)
Q1184's addons
Autumn retextured BIS plants
ANZAC SAS Environment
Wolfrug's Dynamic Sound AI (RUG DSAI) "Lite"
Wolfrug's Dynamic Sound AI (RUG DSAI) "Normal"
Q11_Jams Beta
Tank Fire Control Systems
Realistic Ballistics & Dispersion - Nonwonderdog
Reador's AI Sandbag Fix
Durg78's Vegetation Fix
DAC v2
6thSense Pack 2
CEX Command Engine
Heinblood's Lower grass
No Clouds
Nim Dynamic Weather
3rd Person View select
Proper Mods
Kegetys Low plants QG free Low plants
Sprint & Animation fixer
Sakura Chan's Visual Upgrade
Solus' Hit Effects
Compact Fix for ArmA
Mando Bombs and Mando Air Support
Realistic Designation

Mods :

XAM mod 1.4
XAM mod 1.4 LIGHT
ECS (10150)----ECS Patch (10151)

More to come ... so far, thx to Benoist, Denz and Nemesis for helping out :)

You do know some more? Report them here

Last update 18th April 2008

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