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  ČSLA 3 Mod v1.02 released Addon release    
EMSI from the CSLA Mod Team has released a totally updated ČSLA 3 Mod v1.02 on our Forums. As this version is a complete updated Mod, all must be reloaded.

Version 1.02 (May. 27 2009)
- updated models and textures of soldiers from version 1.01
- added paratroopers and scouts
- added static AGS-17 on tripod
- added feature - possibility to build nests with AGS-17
- added Sa-58 with bipod and optics
- added Sa-61 with silencer
- added feature – Sapper can build static defense positions (sandbag walls)
- added feature – AI can be mounted to positions behind new sandbag walls
- added feature – soldiers can build trench
- added feature – possibility to deploy static M2, TOW, Mk19 from US vehicles
- added feature – smoke grenade launchers on armored vehicles
- added feature – added ATGM 9M112 Kobra to T-72M
- added feature – reworked changing of weapons on tanks
- updated MP missions Warfare, Evolution and Domination
- many updates and tweaks in CFG, scripts, models and textures
- added 2 new SP missions
- many other updates and tweaks

You need to download complete setup because all original PBOs are updated.

  May 30th, 2009 - 10:06 By Old Bear   Comments (6)  

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