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  Chernarus Conflict for Arma3 update released Addon release    

Massi has informed us about Chernarus Conflict for Arma3 v1.1 update release on our forums.

v 1.1 date 20/DEC/2015
- Fixed: Updated with new armor system for vest and headgear
- added A2 ported uniforms for Chernarus, NAPA, Insurgents and FIA
- added custom vest, helmets, headgear and backpacks
- updated camouflages
- Moved Chernarus Governatives to Blufor like in Arma2
- Removed UN forces to avoid duplicate with my African Conflict units
- vehicles are now optional, to use them install optional vehicle config as written in install instructions
- Added Urals: covert, open, reammo, repair, ZU23 and BM21
- added HIGH DISPERSION variants to all factions: units are equipped with high dispersion weapons to improve fire-fights duration and give the feeling of low trained units

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